Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein, The Lady Gaga of Spirituality

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Although you will never see Gabrielle Bernstein dressed in drag as Gaga was at this year’s VMAs, her rockstar wardrobe and gorgeous hair make her our generation’s most popular spiritual teacher.

Obviously, it’s not just her hair that’s created her huge fan base, her teachings that remind us that only love is real, keep us coming back for more. Gabby reminds us to always turn to our inner guidance system, the only thing that can steer us to peace in the midst of all the craziness going on in our lives. Gabby reminds us that true happiness can only come from a connection to our inner guidance system, or as she calls it, ~ing (not a new dress, a second call from that hot guy, a promotion or losing 20 pounds). Our inner guide always reminds us that we are enough the way we are right now and that if we are willing to look at our fears with gentleness and love, we can live our happiest lives.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on Gabrielle’s latest book, Spirit Junkie, before it was released and I jumped right in! Much like her first book, “Add More ~Ing To Your Life”, Gabby translates the principles of A Course In Miracles and makes it easy to understand as well as a practical guidebook for our modern lives. She teaches us the principles by recounting her personal spiritual journey and how she has applied the Course to her own life. Not only does Gabby tell us her own story, she provides us with practical tools to release fear so that through every loving action, it is possible to merge with the love of our inner guide.  You might be asking, “What is our inner guide?” Our inner guide is that loving voice that always knows what’s best for us, like an inner cheerleader. If we slow down enough to hear it, we gain access to the wisdom that our inner guide provides. The tools that Gabby provides us with range from witnessing the ego (fear based thoughts) to forgiveness to inviting Spirit in to guide us throughout our lives.

Spirit Junkie is a fantastic introduction to the world of spirituality. If you know there has to be a better way to live your life, and you believe in a higher power, but the word “God” make you feel a little weird, this book is for you. Gabby also has beautiful meditations that go along with the book. I tell all my clients to start meditation practice, and these guided meditations are wonderful.

When Gabby sends us off on our own spiritual journey in the last paragraph, it so elegantly sums up what Spirit Junkie is about: cultivating your own spiritual life, a spiritual life that works and feels right for you. “With endless love and gratitude, I send you off with a spiritual connection of your own understanding- a connection that will be yours to grow and share with the world, an everlasting companion on your miraculous journey inward.” May you release your fear, have faith in spirit, expect miracles, and always listen to your inner guide.”

Check it out, you may just become BFF with your own inner guide.


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