The most damaging lie you’ve been told over and over again


Recently, I’ve become obsessed with women waking up to their power. Power doesn’t need to be honed or taught in women, it’s innate! It’s in us from birth, that pure fire of action, opinion, magic, rage, morality and love. This power is unruly and unpredictable… and they’ve spent thousands of years hiding our power from us.

Let me say that again: hiding our power from us – they did not, COULD NOT, take it away.  

Who is they? The Patriarchy. Remember, the Patriarchy is not “men” but the idea that the masses should be controlled by a few men in power.  

So maybe you’re wondering why you can’t seem to create the life you can see in your heart.  Why you know that you’re meant to carry out an incredible existence, but when you look back on your days, you’re just so dissatisfied. And you just feel stuck. 

And there’s a lot of self-help types out there who will tell you to just amp up the mantras and think positive thoughts.  

I disagree.

I believe that truly creating a life that is YOURS takes understanding all of the toxic, hidden, insidious ways women have been blinded to our power. This is not a flaw you have, this is the way we’ve all been brainwashed. They want us to wander around dissatisfied and confused… that keeps us from challenging their power.  

When you join me on March 13th at 7pm ET for my free online workshop, Lost in the Shuffle of Your Life? How to Pull Forward Your Alive, Confident, Soulful Self, I’m going to be giving you the enlightening truth of all the ways your power has been hidden from you (it’s really going to piss you off).

AND exactly what you need to do to wake up to the intense power and magnificence of who you really are. 

You can reserve your spot for free here.

When I started learning about all the lies I’d been told by society over and over again (lies that I had fully adopted as truth), I could finally connect with my own power and use it to create the most connected, self-expressed, impactful, and exciting life I could possibly imagine. I became unstoppable. 

This is possible for you, and all it takes is for someone to shed some light on the lies. I’m bringing the fire! I hope you’ll be there.


P.S. When you attend the workshop live at 7pm ET, you’ll receive my “Sacred Living” Playlist! 100 songs to add more magic and inspiration to your daily life.  All those songs you hear on my Instastories, now in one place for you to download and use in your life. To reserve your spot for free and get your playlist, CLICK HERE

P.P.S. This message is something I believe women can really rally around.  If you have some friends who would be into this, will you forward them this email?  It’s so much easier to make changes when the people around us are doing the same thing.  

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