The price of perfection

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As women, we have this idea that we can do all of this work to achieve a certain goal, and once we reach it, we’ll effortless stay there forever.

Last week I was talking to a woman who was interested in working with me privately and she asked me, “I’ve tried so many things and nothing has stuck, how am I supposed to know that this is going to work for me?”

I gave her the answer she didn’t want to hear.

I told her that most weight loss programs promise perfection.  They tell you that once you lose weight that your cravings will go away, you’ll want to work out everyday and you’ll be confident all the time.

It’s frankly bullsh*t.

I told her that her cravings won’t go away, but she’ll welcome them and use them as a map to understand what she really wants.  She won’t want to workout everyday but she’ll be more likely to remember how good it feels when she does.  She’s gonna have days when she feels fat and won’t have anything to wear, but she won’t feel like her life is over.

When we strive for perfection we get rigid, scared and fail easily.  There’s no room for the awesome messiness when perfection is our priority. Life is full of ups and downs and really good bread. And I think, perfection is not all it’s cracked up to be. Tweet it.

What if we redefined perfection?

What if you measured perfection in how much you’re reading instead of how little you’re eating?

What if perfection is somewhere between a size 6 and a size 10?

What if perfection is moving your body everyday, even though you’re just walking for 15 minutes?

What if perfection is being completely hung over because you were too busy taking tequila shots with your besties to even care about how you felt the next day?

What if perfection is buying the perfect holiday dress even though you’re heavier than you were last year?

What if perfection is just about not trying to fix yourself, for once?

In the comments below I want to hear about how the pursuit of perfection has messed you up in the past, and how you’re gonna redefine it going forward.

Releasing my obsession with perfection has been the most challenging and freeing process of my life.  It’s unloaded anxiety, fear and shame from my being and has allowed me to create a life of adventure, passion and guilt-free trips to the ice cream shop.

This week I really want you to exist in this new definition of perfection and see how it shifts everything.  If you need support, just reach out here, and I’ll make sure to be there for you.



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