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I hope you had an amazing Labor Day.  I’ve been at my summer house for the past ten days with my family.  On Sunday we had a beautiful blessing for Marshall in the bay. A baptism of sorts performed by Marshall’s Great Grandfather with a full dunking, Jesus style.  I feel so lucky to be raising a boy that had both a bris and a baptism. His Jewish Grandfather was there, along with his atheist God Father.  It’s just a fabulous melting pot of religious acceptance.  

I’ve been working on the new curriculum for Live More Weigh Less that’s coming out this spring, and something I’ve been really breaking down is how to make our dreams come true.  What I see happening for so many women is they think that once they lose 20 pounds, all of the sudden they are going to have all this energy, clarity and total absence of obstacles —then it will be soooo much easier to start making our dreams come true.

But it never happens. Why?

If you are currently living a life that is not in full alignment with your dreams and desires, you are going to overeat in order to get that small taste of passion and excitement.  You get stuck in the cycle of boredom and body hatred and never lose the weight.

But I get how going towards your dreams feels hard, and huge, and just like… too much work. I’ve so been there. But let me tell you a story.

Back in 2008 I was sitting at Think Coffee in Greenwich Village with Jonathan on our favorite velvet couch with the ripped seams and coffee stains.  I had been working at my advertising gig for just six months, and I was already bored out of my mind. I was probably going through my repetitive laundry list of complaints (again) to Jonathan when he asked me, “well, what you want to do?” Oddly, I had never really thought about it. Part of me felt too young to really have my pick of my dream job, part of me felt like I needed to focus on my body first, and part of me felt like if I opened that can of worms then I’d just be so overwhelmed.

But I took a deep breath and opened the can. “Well, I really want women to understand that there’s a whole psychological component to weight loss. And I really want to help people. Maybe I should be a therapist? Maybe I should find a program that talks about the psychological side of eating? Or maybe spirituality? Maybe I should just work on the Dove Real Beauty Campaign. No, I think I should go to school to become a psychologist (cue google psychology programs). Crap, that would require 4-10 years of school… well that’s not happening….” The verbal diarrhea/brainstorming sesh went on like that for probably an hour.  

I concluded that I didn’t want to go to school for 4 years, but I did want to help women understand the psychology behind overeating and weight loss.  It felt like a dead end.  And then I just googled “nutrition school” or something like that and “The Institute for Integrative Nutrition” popped up on my screen.  I clicked, I loved, I called.

After a conversation with an admissions officer and a week of pulling the tuition together, I was signed up for their next session.  Just like that, the course of my life completely changed.  

Sitting at the coffee shop that day I felt like creating a life I really wanted was impossible.  But after just a few steps I was on a path to creating the most amazing career I could possibly imagine.  I work part time, make great money, work with the best women in the world and feel like I’m making a difference.  What could be better?

So here’s what I want you to do today in order to make your dream come true:

1. Start talking. Even if you don’t know where it’s going to end up.
2. Google.
3. Get a person who is in that industry, or does the thing, or lives in the place on the phone.  Pick their brain, see what it’s like.  Which brings me to my invitation….

I get A LOT of requests from women to grab coffee, so they can learn about how I got started. I wish I could say yes to everyone, but I pretty much say no every time.  Not because I’m bitchy and closed off, but because my priority is to help as many women as possible and if I’m having 1:1 coffee dates all day, I can’t do that.  But I want to help, and I love connecting with you so here’s the plan:

On Wednesday September 17th at 7pm ET/4pm PT I want to get on the phone with you and the other women in this community to talk about dreaming, goal setting, solopreneurship, the health world and how to make sh*t happen.  I think this conversation is so important because loving our careers is a HUGE key to Living More. And as you know, when you live more, food is no longer your only source of excitement, release and connection.

I’ll spend some time sharing more about what I’ve learned along the way and there will be a lot of opportunity for questions, so come ready! I’ve invited Blair from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to talk a bit about their program because I am such a believer in this training.  The number of options for careers you have after school is incredible.  I’m calling it “Back to School Night with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition”.  It’s going to be super fun and I hope, really helpful.

Everyone who signs up for the call will also find out about an extra special surprise we have for you.

This could be the super easy step that sets off a domino effect to make your dreams come true. I hope you’ll be there.

You can sign up by clicking here, it’s free!



PS. The Live More Weigh Less Challenge is BACK!!!  Sign up for this free two-week program here.


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