#WholeWomanChallenge Week 4: Have a Picnic


This Week’s Whole Woman Challenge: Have a Picnic

There is magic in the mundane, and this week’s challenge is the perfect example.

A picnic is so simple, but for me it helps me to tap into my inner free spirit, get connected to the Earth, and enjoy mealtime more with my kids.

This week, I’d love for you to spontaneously pack a picnic for any meal or snack with your family, friends, or solo!

Grab a blanket and fill a basket or bag with some food (whatever you have around), some water with lemon, or a bottle of wine.

Try to let go of time, turn off your phone (after you snap a quick pic and post it with #WholeWomanChallenge, of course), use your 5 senses to take in the world around you, and really enjoy your food.

Can’t wait to see your photos!


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