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Create a juicy, magical, fully expressed soul-led life

in 90 days

Alongside other supportive, open minded and smart women (like yourself)

Even if you feel overwhelmed by responsibility, exhausted by your kids and plagued with pressure to make everybody happy.

If you’re a woman who…

deeply cares for others, and often (or always) bends over backwards to make your friends, partner, kids and family happy and fulfilled in their lives… so much so that there’s no actual space for YOUR needs and what YOU want BUT you ache for more… more fun, more adventure, more impact, more space, more you… then you probably already know that you have to do the inner emotional work and strategic planning to make that happen.

So I’ll spare you the lecture I usually give my friends.

Because you already know that time for YOU isn’t going to just magically happen, and certainly your partner or your kids aren’t going to show up one day and say,

“hey Mom, you’ve been working really hard, let me take over the family logistics for the next five years so you can chase that dream”

(yeah, never gonna happen.)

And I know you’ve seen all the research about how your beliefs about yourself create your habits which overtime create your life, and the only way to shift those beliefs is to understand how our culture and the way you were parented have affected the way you see yourself…

Also, you probably know deep down (though perhaps have never admitted it out loud) that we are spiritual beings who have come here for a very specific purpose and making time to tune into your intuition and make space for the magic can bring so much clarity, inspiration, and divine guidance to creating the life you’re meant to have.

But here are a few things you may not know…

Even if you have everything you thought you wanted, it’s ok to want more… in fact, our whole culture is designed to convince women that they should just be satisfied with the status quo when in reality,

what is available to you in this lifetime is waaay bigger than what you could have ever imagined possible.

When you understand how our culture has brainwashed you into wanting less, do the work to change your beliefs, shift your habits and create a relationship with that sacred, otherworldly, magical, universal energy,

you can create…


More money than you could ever need

I know, money doesn’t buy happiness, but constantly stressing over money is certainly a happiness killer. When you have the right relationship with money for you, you can create more than enough so you don’t have to stress about it and your brain and soul are freed up to do more exciting things than worry about money, like be a grounded mother, help more people, reinvest in your career growth and actually feel at ease.


A body you feel safe in, love deeply and take care of with ease.

Most women think you need to look a certain way to have a great life, but that’s a lie the patriarchy uses to keep women distracted from accessing their power.  The truth is that when you get clear on who you are, and how your sacred body supports your dreams, you desire to take care of your body because of how it functions and feels, not what she looks like.


This internal confidence and “Take on the World” attitude that comes with knowing who you are and what you want.

You may know who your parents want you to be, or what they want for you… you may know who your culture wants you to be (nice, pretty, quiet, don’t rock the boat, sexy, but not too sexy so you don’t make other women jealous…)  But imagine knowing who YOU are, so the decisions you make in every moment, everyday are in alignment with your path and why you’re here, regardless of what is “expected” of you. And you no longer feel bad for asking for what you want or going after that huge dream because you know it’s meant for you, and as you rise, you make your family, your community and the world a better place.


More time to do what you really want

Women spend a lot of time doing many small, unseen, unappreciated, and unpaid tasks.  Did you know that our culture is set up to keep women really busy doing a bunch of over giving, and have brainwashed us to never want anything in return? Ending this pattern frees up so.much.TIME. in our lives to take care of ourselves, have fun, and go after what we really, really want.


A deep connection with the sacred that honors your unique womanhood and makes you feel RIGHT and worthy.

Learning about the Sacred Feminine does two things: 1. It highlights that many of us were raised in male centric religions that revered and worshiped men, and maleness… and for a lot of us, religious female figures were either virgins (quiet, polite, don’t have sex) or whores (don’t be too loud or sexy else you’ll be ostracized or killed). Awesome. So when we have sacred role models who are women, we feel inherently worth honor, respect and worshipping. 2. It gives us permission to be a woman. 

For instance, when you see how the Moon, the Seasons and our menstrual cycle are all mirrors of each other and that it is our innate nature to change, cycle and have range, we no longer feel psychotic for being “emotional” or changing our minds or wanting to be a Mom and be sexy, or be a badass at making money AND a deeply spiritual wild woman Goddess… even if you currently think the “Sacred Feminine” is super weird and makes you squirmy. They want you to feel that way so you can’t discover your own power and have your true self unleashed.


The most romantic, inspiring, hot relationship with someone who you can really be yourself with and who is also doing the deep inner work to make themselves better along side of you.

YES! Even with your current partner!  In fact, I hope with your current partner.  I don’t believe in settling for a mediocre relationship just because you have kids together, and neither should you. Because, how boring is life when we are growing and changing and creating an epic life and the person we love the most, who we also spend the most time with is such a downer? I believe your partner can change and show up for you (and themselves) in ways that will blow your mind.


The feeling that you are a good GREAT Mom (insert friend, daughter, dog mom) and own your nurturing style.

And not because you’re needed, or because you’re always waiting for them when they get home, or you feed them all the perfect foods, or all the things you DO… but because you’re you, and you see your divine connection with your child which gives you freedom to parent in a way that brings you joy.

Even though the reasons to have a juicy, magical, fully expressed, soul-led life are obvious, the path to actually creating it is anything but…

I bet you’re wondering, why is that I want something so bad, but can’t seem to make it happen for myself?

Perhaps in your most inspired moments, you’ve decided that you’re going to do things differently.  You set your sights on cooking a healthy dinner every night to take better care of your body and encourage your kids to eat more vegetables.  Maybe you downloaded a meditation app, made a list of potential new jobs or even signed up for an online course that promised to change your life.

But even when you feel so convinced that this time will be different, that you’ll be able to follow through on what you planned to do… life seems to get in the way.

A kid gets sick the day you plan to start your new workout plan.  Laundry, errands and kids activities get in the way of you getting beyond the first lesson of that online course.  When your alarm goes off at 6am to meditate, you hit snooze and then fill the rest of the time scrolling through instagram before you have to get up.  You start to look for new jobs and the process feels so arduous that you convince yourself that where you are right now isn’t that bad.

Your inspiration starts to deflate slowly like a balloon until you finally notice that you’re right where you started…

but you feel even more like a failure.

You scold yourself thinking, “If I can’t make the simplest things happen, then how am I ever going to actually enjoy my life, and do the things I want to do?  What if I’m going to be like this forever?”

You start to wonder if that kind of life is even meant for someone like you, or maybe you just have to accept the mistakes you’ve made, your unexplainable health issues, a flat relationship, an ok-but-not-great job and just try to make the most of this mediocre life.  You chalk up your dreams to wishful thinking, assume that most women are lying about how great their lives are (no one can really have that much success, right?) and decide that those women are just greedy or insane.

So you settle into the rhythm you’re used to and eventually feel yourself not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, your body gets stiffer and more uncomfortable, you can’t remember the last time you enjoyed sex, laughed uncontrollably with your friends or felt inspired by a project. 

Soon, you notice that your kids failures and wins become your failures and wins and your emotional state rises and falls by how much they are showing you love.  You may even feel like your kids “get you” way better than your partner.  Really, you just feel so alone and like you don’t even know who you are anymore.

Even worse, but hard to say out loud…you start to worry if your partner might cheat on you. You can barely look at your body anymore because your judgement of it is too painful. You feel less than everyone else and worried your friends are always annoyed with you and don’t want to be your friend anymore. You feel like you’ve gone so far down the rabbit hole and that trying to get your life back is going to take forever, be so hard or maybe even impossible.

It’s not impossible, but let’s talk about why you’re stuck in this hole.

Here are the 5 reasons you don’t have
the life you truly want (yet).



You think that someday you’ll have more time.

You probably feel like you’re in a time in your life that is so full, overwhelming and busy… but haven’t you also felt like that in the past when things were different?  If you find yourself saying, “when my kids are in school… when my kids leave the house… once I move…  when I’m done with school…” I need you know that life will never be less full, because busyness has nothing to do with life, and everything to do about how YOU DO life.  I’m not saying having young kids or being in school isn’t a lot. It is. I have three kids myself and watched my husband go through ELEVEN years of training to become a surgeon.  But if you don’t learn how to live for yourself and make time for what you need in this season of your life, you will never do it in the next.


You think your expectations are too high or that you should just be more grateful.

I get that the idea of just accepting where you are and wanting less feels like you’ll get the discomfort to go away.  I get that you don’t want to feel like you aren’t grateful for what you do have, but you settling is just about the worst thing you can do.  What I’m about to tell you is what would be my last living message I would scream from the rooftops if I were dying… our culture wants you to settle so that you are easy to control.  We receive constant, subtle brainwashing through male centric religions, the media, fairy tales, traditional education and the way history has been portrayed to us.   The truth is, Women who settle are tired, miserable and overwhelmed.  And then brainwashed to believe that wanting more than what they’re settling for is selfish, so they then feel bad about themselves on top of being so exhausted.  What happens when women are tired and feel bad about themselves?  They are easily told how to think, how to act and what to do. They never rise into power or change the world.  This Patriarchal brainwashing is what is happening in our world today and it is sick.  When we immerse ourselves in sacred feminine based spiritual practices (even if its just adding to our current practices) we start to see our own innate power, expect more of ourselves and others and claim what we deserve.  This makes us rested, empowered, motivated and strong… and you will start to notice all of the fucked up shit that’s going on in your life and in the world and you will change it.


You think great lives are for rich and skinny people.

I am all for having lots of money and a healthy body you love, but if you are waiting to win the lottery or are forcing yourself to stick to a diet that makes you miserable so that you can finally have the life you want… you’re going to be waiting forever.  Making money doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by attitude, and attitude starts with knowing who you are and why you’re here and making small changes to your life that reflect your worth.  The motivation to take care of your body comes from the belief that your body isn’t here to be pleasing to the male gaze, but to be a vibrant and strong home for your soul.  Figure out how to make each day more in alignment with what you truly want and you will make more money and create better health.


You think that if you focus on yourself, you’ll be ignoring the people who need you and you’ll be screwing them over.

When you ignore what you really want, you become resentful and snippy.  You blame others for your unsatisfaction.  Your kids might even feel responsible for your happiness and do things to please you instead of going after what they truly want, and then they resent you! When you’re unhappy you don’t take great care of your body and as you age, you won’t be able to run around with your kids or grandkids.  You may even get depression or years of stress could cause inflammation that leads to cancer.  So really, you ignoring yourself is making everyone’s lives worse.  When you focus on yourself and create a life that is centered around your happiness you are healthier, your kids feel free to forge their own path and experience deep fulfillment, you have more patience, are wiser and WAY more fun to be with.  The people you love the most deserve the best version of you. 


You think you have to strategize, push and work hard in order to create a better life

I’ve made a lot of “rational” decisions that seemed like great ideas that required a ton of work that yielded nothing but adrenal fatigue and dissatisfaction.  Finally, I realized that when I let myself be guided by my soul, the path to my best life flowed, and even when it felt hard, I knew I was experiencing important life lessons that were shaping me to be my true self.  Having a spiritual practice that guides you to listening to your soul instead of your head will keep you from making expensive, distracting and time wasting mistakes.  And it makes the process of creating a life that is yours really magical, fun and exciting.  Creating a life that is truly on purpose instead of looking good on paper, really takes getting out of your head and into your soul.

Here’s a difficult truth that I need you to understand…but will also set you free.

Women have come a long way in our fight for women’s rights, especially in the glaringly obvious ways like the right to vote or making strides in the workplace, but I hope I’ve shed some light on the fact that there is still a lot of change needed in what we believe we deserve and the ferocity of which we’re willing to claim the life we really want. 

But most women don’t see this gross inequity because this brainwashing has gotten to us at a psychological and behavioral level. And, this revolution for women – the one that is truly going to change our head and our hearts can’t be changed by protesting or making a sign, it can only be done through inner emotional and spiritual work.

Emotional and spiritual work that rewires how you see yourself, what you know is possible and how to create a life that is the truest expression of your unique self. 

And with your permission, I’d love to talk to you about how we can do this life changing work together.


Whole Woman

with Sarah Jenks

An online course and community that combines life coaching and sacred
feminine spirituality to transform your life to be a true reflection of your
unique self and what you deeply desire.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from 10 years of coaching thousands of women on life transformation,

emotional eating and spirituality, a 7 year Priestessing apprenticeship in a Sacred Feminine mystery school, leading retreats, workshops and events and my own personal journey to creating my juicy, magical, abundant life through deep therapy, working with shamans and spiritual teachers, going on sacred feminine pilgrimages and watching my life fall apart over and over again until I finally put it back together in a way that had me at the center…

I’ve channeled all of it into a digestible, transformational program that will not only change the way you act, think and approach your life, but myself and the hundreds of women already in this growing community will support you at every step of the way…

as long as you need us…Because no one should have to do it alone.

Imagine what it would be like to release all of the stuff that’s been holding you back and step with complete confidence into your most authentic life knowing that women who love you are there cheering you on, supporting you and ready to catch you at all times. 

Being a member of Whole Woman is like being part of a revolution. Sarah Jenks is the best coach I have ever had. Her secret weapon is her ability to get you to make big changes in your life. Sarah refuses to let any of us hide behind our excuses about why we haven’t acted on our wildest dreams. You will be braver in this group. You will gain support from such great women who will become your sisters. You will suddenly find yourself educated and armed with the tools to make real and lasting satisfying changes in your life.

Khadija Abdur-Rahman

Bit by bit Sarah has helped me uncover the woman buried by years of expectations and conditioning. Whole Woman is the most powerful, magical group of women who are truly willing to lean in, support each other, and do the work. I don’t feel trapped in my life anymore. I know that this life is mine to create and that I have all of the tools I need to make it happen – and that my Whole Woman sisters will be there to celebrate every step of the way.

Erica Troy

When I quit drinking two years ago, I set out on a journey to uncover a lot that I had been burying and asked the Universe for help. Whole Woman has helped me find a community of women who are also on a path of growth and seeking meaning in their lives, in lots of different forms. As sobriety has forced me to get comfortable with feeling all of my emotions, Whole Woman has helped me connect to a more cyclical way of being and experiencing my life. It has normalized the ever-changing experience and helped me see that beauty and not fear it.

Gretchen Hill

Joining Whole Woman and attending Moon circles has actually been life-changing for me. When I first started, I was in a process of recovering from postpartum depression, and honestly, this has helped me more than my therapist. The lessons helped me get a clearer vision of who I am, what I want from this life, and what fears are holding me back. To be connected with myself now is priceless, because everything good and important I’ve done comes from that place.

Jess Blazejewski

My experience in Whole Woman has created space for me to step into my truest self, connect with the rhythms of the Moon and my body, and to trust that I can show up in my femininity and in my power at the same time. Sarah’s lessons challenge me to connect to my feminine energy and to acknowledge that being a woman can be both wonderful and a struggle at times and that it’s all ok. I’ve been inspired to try new things, to take initiative in making new higher vibration friends, and to set more solid boundaries with the people in my life.

Lydia Mandell

I went through most of my life feeling like I was “too much” and that I had to shrink to fit into the mold of what society expected of me. Since joining Whole Women, I have noticed a massive shift in my spirit. With the help of Sarah’s heart felt lessons and the support of my fellow Whole Women sisters, I am becoming bolder by the day and peeling away years of heavily conditioned layers. I experience more joy and connection, and have given myself permission to be my wild, authentic self. Sarah is a truly gifted teacher and presents her wisdom with compassion and love, while also calling us to go deeper.

Mary Sweeney

Being able to post questions about my doubts in the Facebook group, and to be welcomed and answered lovingly by Jessica and all the other women, has been the deepest medicine. Whole Woman has been a container of magic, resonance, acceptance and a voice saying: “trust your gut” and “you can say no”. This program, community, and Sarah’s energy has encouraged me to own my womanhood, my desires, and my “no”. I now only to say yes when things feel like a hell yes. Whole Woman has reminded me that I am allowed to have needs and communicate them and that I no longer have to bend over backwards to be loved or accepted.

Melissa Quintero

Want to meet the team?

Jessica Winthrop-Oney

Whole Woman Program Director

Jessica is the Whole Woman Program Director & Whole Woman Coach. Jessica, who serendipitously became a client of Sarah’s in 2016, is an alum of Sarah’s programs Live More Weigh Less & Live More Method, and also serves as a certified Mindfulness Coach, meditation teacher, Reiki practitioner and Laughter Yoga leader.

Khadija Abdur-Raman

Whole Woman Coach

Khadija is one of our Whole Woman Community Facilitators. Khadija has been a member of Whole Woman since its inception and she is also an alum of Sarah's program Live More Weigh Less. Khadija lives in Maryland with her husband and 2 kids. When she's not running after her toddler or caring for her new baby, and connecting with her Whole Woman sisters, Khadija also runs her own Mindset coaching business.

Monique Ricardo

Whole Woman Coach

Now that her career of homeschooling her son and parent-supervising his community service youth group for violin is over, Monique Ricardo is taking courses in digital illustrating, writing, and marketing children’s books. She lives in the country in a tiny Southern California valley with her husband and their two cats where no day is complete without checking in on her Whole Woman sisters and sitting outside under the stars and the moon.

Teri Valletta

Whole Woman Coach

A true Floridian, now living in New England, Teri has been on a journey of finding her true self since hitting the big “4-0” in 2012.  She started following Sarah in 2015 during a very inward search of her purpose and joined her Live More Method program in January 2016. Since then, she has been a part of Sarah’s first retreat HOME, entered menopause, manifested a magical relationship (and getting married in 2021) and has become an advocate and Certified Financial Coach to empower women in their own money journey. She lives in Holland, MA with her fiancé and 11 year old stepson, and is honored to have a 300+ year old tree on their property.

Alex Vanegas

Customer Service and Social Media Manager

Alexandra is the Customer Service and Social Media Manager and proud corporate dropout. After meeting Sarah at Hawthorn Farm last year, she began the work of radically unlearning and journeying through fully owning her power, while shedding layers of scarcity and pain. Her life purpose is to amplify women’s voices and pain and deconstruct the systems of power built to keep our magic buried. She and her two children live just outside of Boston and believe there is no bad place to dance.

Miranda Merten

Technology and Systems Manager

Miranda is a Small Business Manager, Efficiency Strategist and an Informational Content Creator, who loves helping other female entrepreneurs leverage technology to overcome overwhelm in life and business. Miranda lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her wonderful daughter and Labradoodle.

Whole Woman is the only program
of it’s kind that…


Holds you to the highest standard of your own fullest potential

I know for sure, without a shadow of a doubt, that there is a version of you who is insanely successful, makes more money than you need (and doesn’t feel bad about it), is a present and highly connected friend, mother, wife and daughter, knows your worth and goes after your biggest dreams without hesitation and you MAKE THEM HAPPEN. You are in optimal health and wake up with so much energy, happiness and feel beautiful.  You create a life that is juicy, deep, impactful, soulful and fun.  This program will give you the strategies to make this happen.

Uses transformational life coaching strategies to rewire your beliefs, change your habits and therefore change your life.

prioritizing everyone’s comfort over our fate, and instill beliefs that support the truth that as we become healthier and more self-expressed, we allow others to do the same and we are of greater service to our loved ones, our community and the world.  We will cover topics in every area of your life like body & health, relationships, boundaries, career, money, time management and sexuality.

Gives you a deep understanding of the role patriarchal brainwashing has on your inability to step into your greatness.

So you can be completely free from the plague of playing small and fully claim your power and your desires

Immerses you in the Sacred Feminine through Moon Ceremonies, rituals, spiritual lessons, feminine archetypal work, earth based practices and guided meditations.

In a way that can compliment your current religion, not compete or cannibalize it. Having the guidance on how to connect with your highest truth that we cannot access with the mind will lead you to incredibly clarity and allow you to step into the flow of magic.

Here’s everything you get as a member….

When you join, you get access to


  • The Whole Woman Course:

    13 Lessons that guide you to discovering your true self and walking as your full potential in your life, for you do at your own pace (I break out what each module is below).

  • Live New Moon Intention Setting Gatherings

    With all of the members (also recorded) so you have clarity on what youre working towards each moon cycle (moon cycles are 29 days).

  • Live Full Moon Group Coaching Session

    With all of the members (also recorded) so you feel supported and get your unique challenges handled.

  • Our robust resource catalog

    Including rituals and journaling prompts, plus many amazing bonuses classes I cover below.

  • Access to our incredible online community

    Of hundreds of women & non-binary folks, many of which probably live near you! Whole Women get together in person often.

Here is what we will be working
through together…..

Lesson 1:

Space: Create time in your day to hear yourself think and connect with your soul.  Even if your kids won’t currently leave you alone or if you work around the clock.

We’ll start our program with creating the space and mindset necessary for our work together.  Even if you don’t have any space for yourself right now, this lesson will tell you exactly how to make time everyday and make it a habit. Yes, even if you have kids, a job and a home to tend to!!

  • Create the space in your day needed to do the inner work of this program so you aren’t wondering everyday, “I when am I going to find the time!?”
  • Set the tone of your day by reminding yourself of your goals, processing emotions and connecting to your higher self.
  • Experience less stress and that “I’m always behind” feeling that comes from waking up to screaming kids or lying in bed too long scrolling through instagram

Lesson 2:

Cycles & The Sacred Feminine: Be intimate with the wisdom of the Moon, Elements, Seasons and Menstrual cycle to navigate your transformation.

After you’ve created space in your day to hear your intuition, I am going to introduce you to a way of living that is going to blow your mind.  There is a wisdom that is baked into how the world works, like a sacred, secret (until now) set of directions that are specifically designed to activate your true self. 

  • Have a deep relationship with a higher power/the divine/god/sacred feminine through learning about the Moon, seasonal living and rituals to bring the sacred feminine into your life
  • Experience a deep sense of being held, guided and in the flow instead of pushing, pressure and loneliness.   
  • Understand the importance of tending to all parts of yourself and how neglecting one area of your life can sabotage the others.
  • Learn how to manifest with the Moon and use it as a guide to transform your life.

Lesson 3:

Patriarchy: Have a deep understanding of how our culture has brainwashed you and exactly how to think for yourself and create a new reality for yourself.

After we’ve walked you through the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine and how to use it to transform your life, we’ll dig into your current emotional and lifestyle operating system and how it’s keeping you from stepping into your authentic excellence.

You have to know what a weed looks like in order to pull it out.  You have to identify your opponent in order to win the game. You have to know where you’re starting on a map in order to get to your destination.  

In this lesson you’ll be guided to uncover all of the messed up things you’ve been taught, all of the ways our culture has brainwashed you to play small, all of the beliefs you developed as a child that create so much fear so your emotional state and outlook on life can work with you not against you.

  • Clarity on why you want to be healthy, and know what to do, but always skip your workouts and drink too much on the weekends
  • Uncover why you sabotage your success even though you want to make an impact.
  • Discover why you hold back, feel shy or downplay your talents
  • A deep understanding of how thousands of years of Patriarchal brainwashing has affected your drive, bravery and your view of what you can accomplish
  • Untie all what you were taught as a child and how to heal it, whether you had a great childhood or a shitty one.
  • What do you when you’re afraid that if you’re the REAL YOU you partner, friends and family will think you’re weird, full of yourself or just straight up reject you.

Lesson 4:

Vision: Create a 10 year vision for your life that makes you cry with recognition and excitement when you read it.

After you identify all of the ways you’ve been held back by our messed up culture and start to separate the brainwashing from your truth, it’s time for you to get crystal clear on your destination.  What does your fullest potential look like? What does it mean for you to be in your authentic excellence? What do you really, DEEPLY desire? And what is your soul’s reason you decided to come to Earth during this specific time in history?

Knowing where you’re going is CRITICAL to knowing how to get there. Even if you have an idea of what you want or where you’re headed, the work we will do during this lesson will go so much deeper than you’ve ever gone before.

  • Use ancient spiritual practices to drop out of your mind and into the blueprint of your soul to discover your essence and purpose
  • Guidance to seeing the most beautiful vision for your life including what your fullest potential looks like in love, money, work, health, friends, home, creativity, adventure and life experiences.
  • Understand the impact you came here to make and the legacy you are meant to leave

Lesson 5:

Plan: Have a step by step plan on how you are executing your vision

Now that you know where you’re starting and where you’re going, it’s time to break down exactly what you need to do to get from where you are to where you’re going.  This lesson takes some work to get into the nitty gritty, but once you do it, you’ll have a map to create a life that is a true expression of you.

  • A step by step plan on how to break down your year, month, week and day and my foolproof scheduling strategy
  • Cultivate the confidence to say “no” to the things that aren’t in alignment and “yes” when it is.
  • Feel a deep sense of relaxation and trust through knowing your path and exactly what you want and what you need to pay attention to each day.

Lesson 6:

Boundaries & Delegation: Identify all the places in your life where you’re giving your power away, exactly how to create boundaries and what and how to delegate without feeling guilty

Now that you have plan, you will start to see that you need more space to make that happen.  It’s here that we will work through all of the reasons you feel guilty for asking for help, getting support and how you get stuck in the trap of endless errands, small tasks and having everything fall on you.  This one is a lot about self-worth and zoning in on you actually want to be spending your time.

  • Understanding the history of women’s labor and what our worth is based on
  • A deep understanding about why you feel like so tired at the end of the day but feel like you’ve gotten nothing done.
  • A list of emotional boundaries you may want to create.
  • Ideas on how to get your time back
  • How to say no and let go of responsibilities that aren’t in line with your soul’s calling.
  • What support, paid or relational, you can start setting up to feel like you finally have the time and energy to do what YOU want and move your life forward.

Lesson 7:

Stress & Fear: Why all women are plagued with stress and fear and how to release it so you can feel free to succeed, be creative and your BIGGEST self.

After creating a vision, a plan and delegating tasks that keep you on the hamster wheel, you’re inevitably going to freak out. “Who am I to create this great life?”  “Isn’t this too much?” “Is investing in myself too risky?” “I’m just going to fail anyways”. So we will work through why you want to hold yourself back, why it’s a safety mechanism and how to release yourself from that mindset.

  • How our history of being tortured, murdered and enslaved as powerful, magical women has brainwashed us into being constantly in fear… and what to do about it.
  • How our upbringing has created deep seeded patterns and belief systems and how to do inner child work to shift those.
  • Exactly how to create a feeling a safety, calmness and trust in your life.

Lesson 8:

Body: Be in the best health of your life and completely obsessed with your body

Now that you are well on your way to creating the life of your dream, it’s time to get grounded in exactly what your body needs to be in ultimate health to support you in this dream.  Pause, this has nothing to do with how you LOOK and everything to do with how you FEEL. This is about having the energy to play full out all day and to expand in the world, it’s about no longer feeling anxious and depressed so you can enjoy your life, it’s about being clear headed and sharp so you can make an impact.  Our bodies are meant to be strong, energetic and joyful.

Every body has a different way of getting there from what foods work best for you to movement that feels fun.  You will find the way to take incredible care of your body that you can do everyday for the rest of your life. It may feel hard at first, but eventually you will make it a habit and it will be second nature. 

  • Learn my signature three step process to ending emotional eating and bingeing
  • Discover the exact foods that work best for you
  • Create a workout plan that lights your body up, gives you a sharp mind and endless energy
  • Start taking supplements that move you into ultimate health
  • A sacred self-care plan to fall so deeply in love with your body

Lesson 9:

Fun, Pleasure & Sensuality: Unleash your Wild, Sensual, Feminine Self

At this point, you have a deep understanding of what has been holding you back and have let it go, you have a clear vision for your future that you are actively creating and moving towards.  You’ve handled the big parts of your life and now, it’s time to get WILD.

Can you imagine what it would be like to really not a give a shit?  To own your radiance and feel incredible freedom to create out of this world experiences.  Maybe it’s living in Paris for a month, skinny dipping in the ocean, riding horses bareback across the plains in Montana, planning a spontaneous roadtrip with your kids, wearing a loud and out there dress to an event that makes everyone stare at you in awe and you LOVE IT.  

This lesson will guide you to feeling juicy, sexy, feminine and embrace the beauty and freedom of being alive.  

  • Move through the fear of being seen
  • Understand what it looks like to shine brightly and step confidently
  • Light the fires of your sensuality and feel safe to express your primal nature with those you feel safe with
  • Understand that your untethered radiance truly heals the people around you and the world
  • Use the electric pulse of the universe that is now flowing through your body to attract anything you desire

Lesson 10:

Love & Relationships: Have the deepest, most loving, inspiring, soulful relationships

Once you’ve created a deep relationship of love and acceptance with your own path and body, you will then dive into the deep waters of co-creating life with other humans.  You will shift your intentions and how you relate to a romantic partner, children, parents and friends so the people in your life reflect and celebrate your authentic excellence.

Having people in our life who inspire us, see us and love us in the way that we desire to be loved is the greatest gift of life… and it takes some work.

  • No longer feeling afraid to show up in your full beauty and brightness around the people you love
  • How to find your soul mate if you haven’t yet
  • How to create a completely new and incredible dynamic in your marriage, even if it’s falling apart.
  • Support for you partner in stepping into their greatness with a program by my husband Dr. Jonathan Brajtbord
  • Have the most beautiful, wild, sacred sex
  • Make and create friends who inspire you and lift you up, afterall, you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with!
  • Land in how you uniquely want to Mother and find the patience and presence to enjoy your kids (most of the time)
  • Create a relationship with your parents based on love, acceptance and personal respect

Lesson 11:

Mother & Nurture: Settle into exactly how you want to mother or care for others and no longer follow any rules or compare yourself.

At this point, we’ve talked a lot about you, your dreams, and your relationships, and now that you’re resourced and clear on who you are, you can be intentional about how you want to care for others.  In Whole Woman, we know that you can’t pour from an empty cup, but wow have we been trained to try!  This lesson will walk you through getting clear on how you uniquely want to care for others (now that you know who you really are).

  • How to become the spiritual leader of your family
  • How to find the win win of your needs and your kids needs
  • How to bring magic into your home life
  • Navigating making more and better friendships who give as much to you as you do to them.

Lesson 12:

Career, Impact & Money: Get paid (a lot) for your purpose

I know it feels like you could “deal with” having an ok job where you get paid well and then did your purpose on the side, but would that really be ideal?  No.  You want to be freed up to do what you LOVE which requires making money doing it (unless you have another source of money like a rich partner or trust fund that leaves you wanting nothing). 

I have experienced that the more money I make, the more I can invest in myself, my business and impact more people.  If I didn’t make great money doing what I do, I’d be stuck coaching 30 women 1:1 a year instead of impacting hundreds of thousands.  This took investment, time and taking incredible care of myself in order to expand to a place where I could hold the transformation of so many women. 

  • Create an abundant mindset and really know in your bones that you can make as much money as you want
  • Stop telling yourself it’s OK to settle for a mediocre job and step into one that makes your heart sing
  • Implement tangible action steps to getting paid for your purpose
  • Create a 5-year action plan that you can refer to every step of the way
  • Develop a financial plan or business model
  • Create a relationship with money where you aren’t avoidant or feel like a 16-year old, but learn how to manage, organize, spend and save your money in a way that supports you.

Lesson 13:

Your Sacred Path: What is the role you are playing in the Earth’s evolution?

In this final lesson, we weave together your highest expression of yourself to the highest potential of the world.  I believe that you are a piece of the puzzle to our evolution of this planet.  You have been born during a very powerful time.  A time that is a turning point from one way of existing, to another, and there’s something about you that is key to this change.  In this lesson we explore the unique role you’re meant to play and how to weave it into your life.

  • Guided visualizations to uncover why you incarnated during this time
  • Exactly how to show up as your most powerful self in your work, your family and the world
  • Why the world needs magical, empowered women in all areas of life from our corporate offices to our schools
  • How to cultivate the strength, bravery and clarity to make the changes you are meant to make.

Plus Guest Expert Workshops on
all things Sacred Feminine

(It’s like the Netflix of Magic!)

Racism, Unconscious Bias and How to Create Change

Jessica Sharp

Discover how to create more inclusive spaces and uncover your unconscious biases around race, promoting lasting change.

From Cultural Appropriation to Cultural Appreciation

Asha Frost

Learn more about ingenious culture and how to shift into being a good ancestor, moving from cultural appropriation to cultural appreciation.

Human Design

Aycee Brown

Learn how Human Design can help you uncover who you are underneath all the cultural conditioning, better navigating both the world around you and your relationships.

Trauma: How to Identify & Heal

Eliza Reynolds

Discover how to identify trauma and learn how to take care of your body when you are triggered.

Fix Your Period

Nicole Jardim

Understand why your cycle is so deeply important and how to feel empowered around your body.

My Confident Closet

Melanie Kluger

Learn how to overcome resistance and express yourself through your wardrobe.

Lunar Abundance

Dr. Ezzie Spencer

Learn how to cultivate more peace and purpose in your life by studying the Moon.


Diana Rose Harper

Discover how to use Tarot in your life as a sacred tool to connect with who you really are.

The Spiritual Family

Amy Ahlers

Learn how to be the Spiritual Leader in your family, how to create a family culture, and how to have an equal partnership in your marriage.

The Whole Woman Clarity &
Confidence Guarantee

Before we dive into the investment, let me tell you this….

Whole Woman is the most inspiring, immersive and complete program online to move you into your Authentic Excellence in a short period of time for women who are sick of playing small, feeling like shit and READY to step into their fullest potential.  Potential that will change the way you do life, family, work, love and treat your body.

The women who show up for this program aren’t fucking around.

They are ambitious, spiritual, smart and committed to stepping into a life that is beyond what most people believe is possible. They, like you, desire a container to guide and hold them in the process.  When you join Whole Woman, you will be one of these women and will have them to lean on and learn from…

and you’ll probably make some life long friends.

Now here’s the deal…

At the end of this 14-day incubation period, you’ll have time to go through the first two lessons on Creating Space and a vision and will be doing your morning ritual, reclaiming your time and energy and feeling in the flow of the Universe.  You’ll have an understanding of exactly what’s keeping you from stepping into your brilliance and will be dropping sabotaging behavior like it’s hot, AND you’ll have a clear vision of where you’re going and what your soul came here to accomplish.  All before making a commitment to the program.

Meaning that, if you decide after all that, that you’d rather sink back into your old patterns and not keep moving forward because it just feels like too much or the wrong time, we’ll refund you your investment. All you have to do is email Jessica, head of customer care at and show her photos your journal work from the first two lessons.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today

Whole Woman Course: Value $1499


Bonus 1:

Three months of New Moon Intention Setting Calls


Bonus 2:

Three Months of Monthly Group Coaching Calls


Bonus 3:

Three Months access to the private members group to reach out to online and in person 24/7


Bonus 4:

Hours and hours of Bonus lessons on Sacred Feminine Practices and Life Strategy (it’s like the Netflix of Magic!)


Total Value: $2644

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of $2644
But when you enroll today you’ll get access to everything for

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There is a 3-month minimum for the monthly membership. We will continue to bill you monthly unless you cancel. Cancelling is easy and clear within our program. After you are a member for a year, you will be able to download all of the materials so you have lifetime access to the lessons.

Here’s what our most successful members ask before Joining Whole Woman…

“I’m worried I don’t have enough time, I’m so busy already!”

This feeling is the reason you MUST do this program.  Making time for you and what you truly want isn’t easy because you’ve been brainwashed to always be busy and never have time for you.  I am going to ask you let go of a lot of extraneous things in your life and only do the essentials and what lights you up so that you have time to do the work needed to step into your fullest potential.  If you devote one hour a week to this program, your life will dramatically change.  So you’re right, you don’t have time for this with the way your life is right now, but I’m going to show you how to change your life.

“You mention the sacred feminine, but I’m catholic/muslim/jewish/protestant, can I even integrate that into my life? Doesn’t that go against my religion?”

When we’ve grown up in a culture that only allows for male centric religion, we don’t have any feminine archetypes to embrace.  When we can’t see us, our essence, our wisdom play an equal role on the sacred stage, we unconsciously feel less then. I’m so down with religion, what I want to do is ADD some Sacred Feminine to the Sacred Masculine that is already alive and well.  And if you belong to a religious community that says “my way or the highway” you may find that through the course of this program that you desire to find a different religious community, one that celebrates your traditions and isn’t threatened by other ones.

Do online programs actually work?

I love therapy, in person workshops and retreats.  But often we don’t have the space to travel, or we spend years in therapy and have a deep understanding of our past but don’t feel like we are reaching our fullest potential.  Or the retreat we want to take in 6 months away, and you’re ready right now!! When you do an online program, you don’t have to travel, you don’t have to wait, and you get access to the best coaches in the world without the cost of a plane ticket.

“There are a lot of motivational programs out there, why should I do this one?”

I follow and work with a lot of incredible, and motivational coaches.  This is the only program I know that will hold you to fire, kick your ass into gear all wrapped in sacred feminine spiritual groundedness.  When we get all pumped up but aren’t being guided by our soul, we can waste a lot of time, money and energy growing in the wrong direction. Plus, I love working with people whose lives inspire me.  So if you’re inspired by what I’ve created in my career, with 3 kids and running a beautiful retreat center, then you’ll be able to learn from me better than someone who’s life and belief system you just don’t get.

“Is this a course? Is it a membership? I’m confused”

It’s both! I created a transformational process that not only educates you, but supports you in your evolution through live coaching, spiritual guidance and community.  When you join, you’re asked to be in the group for a minimum of 3 months so you can really commit to this way of living. Then after that you are on a month-to-month membership and you’re welcome to be a member for as long as you want.  Most women stay in Whole Woman for 18 months and many have been with me since the beginning in early 2017! It our constant support system for whatever life throws our way.

“Do I get the lessons all at once or one at a time, what if I miss a lesson?”

As soon as you enroll, you’ll receive the entire course and get instant access to ALL of the materials and live calls.  I do this because some people may want to stay in one weekend and immerse themselves in the material, others may want to listen to one lesson a week, or one lesson a moon cycle!  I deliberately created 13 lessons for the 13 moon cycles of the year. After being a paying member for a year, you’ll get a lifetime access to the materials.

“I just had a baby or I’m getting married in a month, should I do this program?”

YES!  I deliberately created a program that you can do in one hour a week.  During these times in your life it is SO IMPORTANT to have a support system of wise women around you who’ve been where you are.  The level of support you’ll receive will be amazing.  

“What if I join the program and I’m not happy?”

I so get that my style isn’t for everyone, which is why I created the Whole Woman Clarity & Confidence guarantee.  At the 14-day mark, if you decide after all, you’d rather sink back into your old patterns and not keep moving forward because it just feels like too much or the wrong time, we’ll refund you your investment. All you have to do is email Jessica, head of customer care at and show her photos your daily accountability journal and your homework from the first two lessons.

“What if I can’t afford it?”

I really WANT you to be able to afford this program. I want you to have money to spend on yourself.  I’m sure you want that too. If you don’t have the funds at the moment, you can apply for a scholarship, but I encourage you to use this program to help you change your financial situation and consider sponsoring a future scholarship recipient in the future! To apply, click here!

How to know if your ready to transform your life with Whole Woman

  • You are just getting started thinking about your purpose and why you’re here and you don’t want to waste years finding yourself
  • You’ve been working on yourself for years but never seem to get over the hump and know that understanding internalized patriarchy and creating a sacred life could be the key
  • You’re a coach or a healer and you’re looking to deepen your work and feel held by like minded women.
  • You’re willing to go there, and get real and vulnerable about what you need to do to change
  • You’ve always felt like something is “different” about you, and you’re excited to uncover why and meet women who feel the same.
  • You’re already spending hours going to therapy and reading books and it’s just not sticking
  • You’re excited to have a clear vision and plan for the rest of your life and feel that you truly matter
  • You know that having a spiritual practice is what you’ve been craving and missing in your life and you can’t discover how magical you are and life is.
  • You’re ready to take the time and open your mind up to a new way of living your life, one that puts you at the center.


Is this resonating?

Again, here’s your investment

Even though the total Value of the Whole Woman program is $2644, when you enroll today you’ll get access to everything for

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It would be an honor to go on this journey with you. I hope to see you today inside our program.

Love, Sarah