Holy Woman

with Sarah Jenks

An online course and community that combines life coaching and sacred
feminine spirituality to transform your life to be a true reflection of your
unique self and what you deeply desire.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from 10 years of coaching thousands of women on life transformation,

emotional eating and spirituality, a 7 year Priestessing apprenticeship in a Sacred Feminine mystery school, leading retreats, workshops and events and my own personal journey to creating my juicy, magical, abundant life through deep therapy, working with shamans and spiritual teachers, going on sacred feminine pilgrimages and watching my life fall apart over and over again until I finally put it back together in a way that had me at the center…

I’ve channeled all of it into a digestible, transformational program that will not only change the way you act, think and approach your life, but myself and the hundreds of women already in this growing community will support you at every step of the way…

as long as you need us…Because no one should have to do it alone.

Imagine what it would be like to release all of the stuff that’s been holding you back and step with complete confidence into your most authentic life knowing that women who love you are there cheering you on, supporting you and ready to catch you at all times. 

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Holy Woman is the only program
of it’s kind that…


Holds you to the highest standard of your own fullest potential

I know for sure, without a shadow of a doubt, that there is a version of you who is insanely successful, makes more money than you need (and doesn’t feel bad about it), is a present and highly connected friend, mother, wife and daughter, knows your worth and goes after your biggest dreams without hesitation and you MAKE THEM HAPPEN. You are in optimal health and wake up with so much energy, happiness and feel beautiful.  You create a life that is juicy, deep, impactful, soulful and fun.  This program will give you the strategies to make this happen.

Uses transformational life coaching strategies to rewire your beliefs, change your habits and therefore change your life.

prioritizing everyone’s comfort over our fate, and instill beliefs that support the truth that as we become healthier and more self-expressed, we allow others to do the same and we are of greater service to our loved ones, our community and the world.  We will cover topics in every area of your life like body & health, relationships, boundaries, career, money, time management and sexuality.

Gives you a deep understanding of the role patriarchal brainwashing has on your inability to step into your greatness.

So you can be completely free from the plague of playing small and fully claim your power and your desires

Immerses you in the Sacred Feminine through Moon Ceremonies, rituals, spiritual lessons, feminine archetypal work, earth based practices and guided meditations.

In a way that can compliment your current religion, not compete or cannibalize it. Having the guidance on how to connect with your highest truth that we cannot access with the mind will lead you to incredibly clarity and allow you to step into the flow of magic.

Holy Woman is currently closed for enrollment.
To get on the waitlist enter your information below: