Why You’ll Never Start Your Diet Tomorrow

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It can feel really good to throw away your diet for the day, snuggle with a bag of chips and shirk off your diet till tomorrow.  It’s like calling in sick when we feel fine but just want to watch TV.  Being bad feels so good.

Until tomorrow.

And it’s not because you have a stomach ache and a new zit forming on your chin, though that sucks too, it’s because when we have a habit of putting off our diet, we are also putting off our life.

Now, I am NOT saying that you need to be on a diet to have a life.  What I do believe to be true is that the way we do one thing is the way we do everything.  And for most of us, we believe we have to weigh less in order to live more.  Saying “I’ll start my diet tomorrow” is for most of us, the same thing as saying “I’ll get my shit together tomorrow.”

But tomorrow comes and eating chips and saying “f**k it all” still feels so much easier.  We continue to be stuck in this place of feeling the pleasure of giving up, and the pain of impending doom.  This is no way to live.

I’m also guessing there are a lot of other things you’re putting off till tomorrow: dating, getting a new job, signing up for that art class, writing thank you notes, having a baby… the list goes on.

Most of us believe that it will just feel easier tomorrow, next week or next year.  By that time we’ll have more availability, more money, less rolls on our stomach.  Life will be easier and making those changes will be more convenient.  Right?


The reality is that life is never going to get easier, so you might as well make the changes you want to make today.  Tweet it.

What’s amazing is that only the starting is hard, and once you get through the ten minutes of pain and resistance, your joy kicks in and takes over like a motor running on magic.  Life all of a sudden seems really easy.

So, what are you putting off till tomorrow, next week or next year?  Say it, out loud.

Now before you recommit to going gluten free for the next month, I want to save you from being in the same place next week.  Consider this:

How can you eat in a way that doesn’t require being “on” or “off”, “good” or “bad”?  What is a way of eating that you can do forever?  A way that allows for going out to your favorite restaurant, enjoying croissants in Paris or eating without guilt at your Mom’s house?

Eating 80% healthy foods for the rest of your life is going to make you feel so much more alive than eating 100% healthy foods for two days, then 3% healthy for a week.

In the comments below, I’d love to know, what are you no longer putting off until tomorrow?

Can’t wait to hear from you,


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