Your Prep & Primp List for the Wine & Cheese Party

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Go wine shopping. Please go to a nice wine store where you can talk to someone. Tell them what you like

The Basics in choosing wine. Do you like….?
Light and fruity (like a pinot)
Medium bodied and jammy (like a zinfandel-my fav)
Bold and beautiful (like a cabernet sauvignon)

Crisp and citrusy (like a sauvignon blanc)
Full and Floral (like a pinot grigio)
Intense and Oaky with a touch of butter (like a chardonnay)

If wine isn’t your thing, sparkling water with orange, mint tea with honey and water with cucumber and mint is just as decadent and delicious.

Create a fabulous cheese plate. Make it an art project. My favs are goat cheese, gouda and la tur. Just put a few bites on a plates. Add some grapes, olives or some fig jam. Skip the crackers, not because of calories but because cheese is better on its own.

Pick out your outfit ahead of time. Nothing kills the party like discovering you have nothing to wear at the last minute. This will also give you time to go shopping;) Even if you don’t love your body right now, you have to have at least one dress you feel great in. So go out there and make the investment in your sexiness.

Wear heels. Even though no ones watching.

Swipe on some lipstick, preferably red. Don’t worry, I’m going to teach you how to prevent it from getting on your wine glass.

Find a private place where you’re cool to booty shake the night away.

I can’t wait to see you.



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