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Today I want to tell you about Sasha the Single Lady and Bernadette the Bride-to-be. Fake names, true stories.

Sasha the single lady signed up for my Breathtaking Program in January 2011 because she was convinced that the only way she could land a man, was to lose 20 pounds. Through our work, we discovered that Sasha deeply feared that a man would reject her, not for her weight, but for her talents, soul and personality. Holding onto the weight made her feel safe, because if she was rejected because of her body, her soul would be protected.

I taught Sasha all of the strategies I teach in the Breathtaking Bride Booty Camp. She started dressing to accentuate her body, not hide it. She made fun a priority: going to lectures, having dance parties at home in her underwear and meeting up with girlfriends for art openings and wine tastings.

After a few weeks of this she sent me an email:


I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve stopped obsessing over finding a man. I thought I needed a guy to be happy, but honestly I’m having such a blast! Haven’t lost any weight yetL but I’m starting to love my hips. Woo!  Just wanted to say thank you.



Two weeks later, Sasha was bowling with 3 of her girlfriends and a cute guy in the next lane asked if he could buy her beer. They got to talking, and there was an instant attraction.  Because of the work we did together, Sasha wasn’t only feeling confident in her body (even though she had only lost a few pounds) but she was becoming so proud of the woman she was, that she knew that if this guy ended up rejecting her, well then, it was his loss.

Last week, Sasha sent me this email,


I know it’s been a few months since we stopped working together, but I just wanted to tell you that James and I just moved in together January 1st. He’s truly amazing, and I wouldn’t say this to many people, but what makes me the happiest is that I know he is so lucky to be with me. Thanks for helping me realize that.



P.S. I finally lost that 20 lbs. “

I’m telling you this story because I currently have 6 single ladies in the Breathtaking Bride Booty Camp. Unplanned but utterly divine. Are you ready for your own love story? 

Bernadette the Bride-to-be enrolled in my Breathtaking Bride program because she had been struggling with weight her whole life. To her, everything was perfect (great fiancé, awesome girlfriends, tolerable job) except she hated how she looked and was determined to love her wedding photos.

Based on the philosophies I teach in the Breathtaking Bride Booty Camp, I knew that there was an emotional void, causing Bernadette to overeat, even though she was convinced that food was the only problem in her life.  I dug and dug and Bernadette finally revealed that she wore the pants in her relationship. She paid the bills, planned the dates, gave her fiancé career advice, plus did all the grocery shopping and took care of the house. “but I like it like that!” she would tell me.

I knew that as long as Bernadette was playing the masculine role in her relationship and rejecting her femininity, that she would never truly be happy in her body and lose the weight she desired.

Through the strategies I teach in the Booty Camp, Bernadette learned how to connect with her feminine power and sensuality. Not only did the weight start falling off instantly but her relationship took a completely different turn.

Having more balance in their relationship, her fiancé turned into a regular prince charming. He took her on romantic dates and even surprised her with a long weekend to Paris! He asked to take over the finances, giving Bernadette time to spend on things she actually enjoyed, and he even ended up getting a promotion at work because of his new confident role at home.  Bernadette felt relaxed and taken care of for the first time in her adult life. They felt like teenagers again, laughing, flirting and spending a lot more time in the bedroom;)

Bernadette sent me a text on the way to her honeymoon in September saying, “I’m so much more in love today (w/ rob and myself!) than I was when I got engaged. Thank you!”

Bernadette’s photos totally rocked.

It would be an honor to help you write your love story. Join me in the Breathtaking Bride Booty Camp?

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