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It’s been such an incredible few weeks.  Thank you so much for all of your facebook posts, tweets and comments on the Live More Weigh Video Training Series.  It’s been such a joy working with you on this complicated and important topic.

I told you that on Tuesday the 23rd I’m throwing a virtual (yes, on the internet) launch party for my signature program, Live More Weigh Less.  Here’s your invitation (in case you lost the last one).


And your friends are invited too, I’d love to meet them. Feel free to tweet-vite them;)

My girl @sarahejenks is thowing a bash next week, can you come? Just sign up here. Tweet it! Thank you:)

Here’s why you need to be at this party, I’m giving away some epic prizes that you need to be there LIVE to win.

Here are the prizes

  • A FREE spot in Live More Weigh Less
  • A subscription to Birch Box
  • A spa kit full of gorgeous all natrual products from Dragontree Spa
  • A box of my favorite Anthropologie kitchen accessories.  Seriously the cutest stuff ever.
  • A make up lesson from Melissa Hoffmann
  • Healthy Surprise gift box full of my fav foods
  • MAC lipstick (my fav color), eye liner, shadow and cheek highlighter
  • A set of Riedel champagne glasses
  • And other special surprises:)

I know, you want everything right?  Well make sure you mark you calendars for Tuesday April 23rd at 7pm Eastern so you can be there live.  Make sure you sign up at

And there’s one more thing you should know, enrollment for Live More Weigh Less is opening right before the party starts.  If you sign up for LMWL during the party (or right before) then you get a super special welcome gift from me.  In it I’ve included my favorite things to help you Live More including my favorite books, bubble bath, a $100 gift card to Nordstrom’s, lipstick and (of course) a fabulous apron.  Only the women who sign up before 8pm Eastern on April 23rd will receive this gift.

And I’m also throwing an in-person party in San Francisco for my close friends (that includes you). If you’re in town I’d love for you to join us, you can RSVP here.

One thing you may not know about me is that in college I was in charge of throwing parties every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night… for the whole campus, for 3 years.

I’d show up at a dorm with the rest of the social-planning team and we’d transform the library into a tropical paradise in the middle of winter, an 80’s rock hall, a Pirate Ship or a set from the OC (the TV  I had an endless supply of solo cups in my trunk and had every band and DJ in western mass on speed dial. I was a party-planning machine.

Though most people would argue that if I spent half as much time doing my homework as I did planning parties, I would’ve gotten a lot more out of my college experience, but I believe that planning parties has been invaluable to my education as a human.

Here’s why:

–       You’re forced to put yourself out there and be social, even if you’re having a fat day
–       You get to know many different types of people
–       You have the opportunity to be creative in décor and presentation
–       You can nurture your guests
–       You can practice new and fun recipes
–       You learn how to manage people (even if it’s just your husband)
–       You have the opportunity to ask for help and to delegate (not easy for most women)
–       You get to dance. A lot.

How to plan a beautiful dinner party and an awesome cocktail party is a skill I think every person (yes, the men too) should have.  But it’s not why you think.  Sure I believe that the ability to lay out a flawless spread is a great skill, but what I really love about hosting a party is that it forces you to step into your most confident, loving and engaging self. Tweet it.  And for those of us who struggle with our weight, it’s easy to forget who that person is.

I’m so excited to be giving you my step-by-step strategy (both tactical and emotional) for throwing a fabulous fete in my Live More Weigh Less program, which is opening up for enrollment on Tuesday, as I mentioned.  And today I want to give you a sneak peek and a few simple steps to throwing a cozy cocktail party.

Here goes:

1. Buy a new dress.  You’re probably waiting to buy new clothes when you lose weight.  Get over it.  Feeling beautiful and comfortable in your clothes NOW will actually help you lose weight.

2. Decide on a guest list and send out a invite at least 2 weeks in advance.  They have such a range of great invitations.

3. Craft a menu.  I think it’s good to have 5 munchies, and make sure people can eat it in one bite.  Two of my favorites are

  • Cucumber with creme fraiche and smoked salmon
  • Dates stuffed with goat cheese and an almond, wrapped in bacon. Frickin’ amazing.

4. The day before, set up your home. Instead of getting crazy with decor, I find getting tons of fresh flowers and lots of tea lights makes everything classically beautiful.  Plus everyone looks good in candle light.

5. The day of, cook and give yourself at least 2 hours to get ready.  If Jonathan’s not here, I love having a friend come over to do her makeup with me.  Reminds me of going to high school dances:).

6. When you’re getting ready, look in the mirror and instead of seeing what you look like, see who’s looking back at you, dive down into your eyes and catch a glimpse of your true self and send that person some love.  It will help you remember that people are here to love YOU, not to judge what you look like.

7. Light the candles, put on your fav party pandora station (I usually start with Ella Fitzgerald, then move to Sam Cooke and end with Bob Segar).

8. Have a blast, connect and relax.

I’m so excited for you to start planning your party, and I hope you can make it to mine next week.



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