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Hi there,

How was your thanksgiving? Jonathan and I had both of our families around our table in San Fancisco, it was epic.

I told you to just let go yesterday, how’d you do?

My guess is that if you really allowed yourself to enjoy your dinner, you didn’t want to puke after, but if you tried to control yourself, I bet you feel kind I’ll this morning.

We never perform well under pressuredo we?

But you have another chance to release the guilt. Forgive yourself and move on.

You see, if you continue to beat yourself up for not ‘trying harder’ or knowing better, then you’re going to continue this cycle into the holidays.

When you forgive yourself, you release the pressure, and the instinct to rebel.

Trust yourself.  You don’t need to depend on your inner bitch to keep you in line.  There’s a part of you who wants to be nurtured by food-not tortured.  She’s has a calm, wise loving voice. Listen to her, she’ll make sure you get what you need and nothing more.



Ps. I’m leaving for my honeymoon tomorrow. I’ll be in touch from the road.  Can’t wait to send you pics!







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