All of Me 2023

A sacred & strategic process to manifest your most fulfilling, juicy, successful, playful year yet.

3-hour ceremony & workshop
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I’m In

I’m so into New Years.

I know it’s trendy these days to just cruise right into 2023 with the same vibe as 2022, but I love a good opportunity to change my life — especially when change and growth aren’t about working harder, discipline, or having less fun with the hope of a big pay off in 3 months.

I believe that at any given moment you have access to two versions of yourself…

The first one is the version that is going through the motions, playing it safe, not rocking the boat, attuned to everyone else’s comfort, working very hard at our job, and hyper-focused on our kids while making our own joy and well-being an afterthought. It’s the version of us that tries to fit into the small spaces left behind after everyone else’s needs are met.

Then there’s the other version of us who is wild and creative, ambitious and enthusiastic.

Who wants to be an incredible Mom and make a ton of money, who wants to laugh for hours with girlfriends and spend a whole day doing nothing and talking to no one. Who wants to be fully expressed in their style, be a part of the solution, and knows you have an important role to play in evolving our world. Who wants to travel and have meaningful moments putting your kids on the bus in the morning. Who wants to have the best sex of your life and have wild dance parties in the kitchen. It’s the part of you who knows that you don’t fit into a box, and the world has never experienced anyone quite like you before. You’re a walking oxymoron, and you like it that way. I call this the “All of Me” version.

This version of you may be buried way down deep, or is so sooo close to busting through — either way, she is in there. The work is to get her to come out.

When you live from this “All of Me” place, you become the axle of the wheel of your life that will begin to transform in ways that will blow your mind.

So the question is — how do you get your “All of Me” version to come out? And stay out.

This is where I come in.

My genius is in creating a sacred container that allows you to talk directly to your Soul, your fully expressed self, the truest version of you, your “All of Me” self — and then guide you to creating strategies, an environment and structures in your life to give your “All of Me” self space.

If we haven’t met yet, hi! I’m Sarah Jenks. I live in a small town outside of Boston, have 3 kids, am married to a doctor, and went to a top-tier college. I am also a Priestess, an avid skinny dipper, travel often, love fancy restaurants, talk to trees, and am the CEO of a global spiritual coaching & lifestyle company. I am a walking oxymoron, a rule breaker, and live an out-of-the-box life in a very “in the box” part of the world. I believe that our lives get to be a masterpiece and you have the ability to create whatever you want.

I am hosting an incredibly unique 3-hour online New Years masterclass where we will spend half the time in sacred space connecting with your All of Me self, and the second half strategically planning what your most fulfilling, juicy, successful, playful year looks like.

The vibe: Bring your tarot cards and your planner. Your cauldron and your calendar. Your magic and your markers.

If you’re looking for a place to do your New Years goal setting and intentions, and you’re craving a mix of deeply held sacred space (no experience required) and strategic planning with other incredible go-getter, out-of-the-box women… AND you love the idea that you aren’t becoming a “new you” but instead uncovering the most alive, creative, juicy version of you that’s been there all along, AND creating a life that is a reflection of who you truly are — then I hope you’ll join us.


All of Me 2023

3-hour ceremony & workshop

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Sarah was a Priestess Apprentice in the 13 Moon Mystery School for over 10 years and was Ordained a Priestess in Summer ‘22. Sarah’s personal sacred practice weaves together the mysteries of Ancient Avalon, Earth-based practices of her Celtic and Germanic ancestry, the Feminine Path of Mary Magdalene, and the Ancient Egyptian practices of Anointing. Sarah thought she was destined to have an “in the box” life after going to a top college, working in advertising, and then creating a successful weight loss company.

One day she walked into her therapist’s office where the remnants of a sacred circle from the night before were strewn on the living room floor. She had a full body “Remembering” of being in ceremony. Since that days she’s been devoted to her own sacred practice and Temple skills and has devoted her life to creating spaces for women to have their own remembering and normalizing the presence of the Sacred Feminine in our culture.


Before I met Sarah, I was already on a soul-searching journey but wasn’t clear on how to create the life that I wanted. I did not believe I had the power to create whatever I wanted for myself. Part of it was that I was still hiding and I wasn’t ready to show the world who I really am. Working with Sarah, I connected to my authentic desires and it finally clicked that I do not need to ask permission to be who I want to be. Her teachings have taken my life to another life.


I had the privilege to [attend] Sarah’s retreat and I have to say it was one of the most beautiful and life changing experiences of my life. Her presence and the magic that all the other participants created with me was amazing. I keep saying to my friends and to everyone that every woman on the earth should do a retreat just like Sarah’s so you can find or re-find your purpose, your magic. You will love it.


I was able to visualize my future, my dreams, my soul desires and engage my higher self in what practices and steps I can be doing right now to get there. It was phenomenal. I was able to tap into all this buzzing energy that I didn't know where to direct and find the place it needs to be going for now.


When Sarah announced the retreat, I thought I wouldn't go because I was going to have just moved across the country and was in a major transition with my career. My soul wanted to be there, so I signed up. In a lot of ways, I'm a skeptical person, and since I was already feeling a lot of peace in my body, I wasn't sure what I was going to get out of this retreat. But I was blown away. What Sarah and her team facilitated is beyond words, but I will try. I left the retreat feeling more love, gratitude, connection, and deep joy than I have felt in years, maybe ever. The sisterhood that was formed in the Moon Lodge is a balm for my soul. I feel more connected to my soul and her desires than ever before, and I am excited to fulfill them. If there is any part of you that is saying yes, or even maybe, please go! It is pure magic!


Sarah, I love you and think you’re magical and amazing. Your work and community make such an impact on our world. I’ve gotten more and more comfortable with asking people to say what I need to hear and it is a game changer. You give me permission to shift and if I need to make a decision, I don’t feel trapped. I’ve watched you shift and bloom as your level of awareness increases and it gives others permission to do the same.


Sarah, thank you for creating a magical and sacred space for women to gather and come HOME to our bodies and spirits. I experienced more healing and sisterhood in 3 days than I have in the past 10 years. I now have a community of supportive women and have tapped into my soul's desires. I look forward to incorporating the magic from the weekend into my daily life. Thank you!


Whatever story that brought this amazing group of women together for the day is irrelevant to how we all left. For me, I left the sacred circle feeling refreshed, empowered, and connected to something so much bigger than that original story. Dancing, laughing, crying, sharing, beauty, friendship, connection... more than anything, Believing Eyes. I am so glad I said yes to this! Couldn't have asked for a better way to launch a new beginning.


I wasn't sure what I would get from this retreat, but I went in with an open mind and I got exactly what I needed even though I didn't even realize I needed it. The experience was beautiful and sacred and I would absolutely recommend anyone that is interested to sign up.


Community Agreements on Religion & Race

We are a global community of people dedicated to being in a relationship with the Sacred Feminine. Our community is woven with women, non-binary, and gender-queer people who are devoted to the fullest expression of our souls. We vow to uplift each other’s fullest expression. We commune with the many archetypes of the Goddess. We sit in ceremony together. We learn and grow together.  Whether you are a devout Catholic, a Muslim or seasoned Witch, a maiden, mother, or crone… a lawyer or an artist or a teacher… connected to religion or trying to find a new connection. . . you are welcome.

For millennia, people’s Sacred Practice was woven into their weekly, monthly, and yearly lives. They gathered with community and connected to source. In recent history, The Sacred Feminine has been wiped out by world religions and removed from our relationship with a higher power.

Most religious communities became domineering, controlling, and patriarchal.  As a result, a lot of people have left organized religion, but we haven’t found that cyclical, sacred touchpoint that our humanity craves so deeply.  Everyone deserves to have a sacred community, one that makes them feel alive, seen, and inspired.

When humanity lost their reverence of the Sacred Feminine, they lost their reverence of Women and the Earth. We believe that by re-weaving the Sacred Feminine in our culture, we will also restore true power to Women.

To our white community members:

We will not center our panic or confusion around issues of race. This is not a place to ask questions about racism or process internalized racism.

White guilt, panic, and shock can drown out what’s actually going on, so we will not center that here. This is a place to share how we are in action and resources, but not how we are feeling about it.

When the BBIWOC in this community expresses how they are feeling about issues of race, we are here only to witness and love them, not offer an opinion or flood them with our feelings.

To our BBIWOC members:

You are welcome to show up and share here however you please around issues of race and racism. You will be witnessed and held in love.

If Sarah, our facilitators, or another member offends you or is harmful to you, we will do everything we can to protect you as quickly as possible, but you can also email us if that happens.

We would love to hear from you if you are BBIWOC and you would like to amend or add to this agreement.