I often meet women who have a dream for solving a problem or a passion for creating something BIG but do nothing about it because their body is holding them back. We tell ourselves that when we’re thin, we’ll have the energy and the confidence to start a project or change a life. But diets fail, years go by, and that dream is still sitting on a shelf.
How long have you been letting your body hold you back from the life you deserve?
“I’ve dropped 3 sizes but honestly, the best part is that I feel happier, less stressed and more in than I’ve ever felt. This has been the best investment I’ve ever made.”
—Ali, Client


Here’s the thing, we think that having the perfect body is going to be the magic bullet that makes life easy. It’s just not true. Creating the life you want is always going to take effort, overcoming challenges and pushing through self doubt regardless of your size, so you might as well do it now.

I do this work because I see so many women waiting on weight, love, money and permission to go out and get what they want, and I’m here to put a stop to it. I hold a vision for the world where women use all of their energy on their passions and relationships, and none on worrying about they look like or waiting around to find their soulmate or make money before they do something amazing, and I have to tell you, we are getting sh*t done!

What’s cool is that living more means that we no longer need food for happiness, connection and relaxation and we naturally move to our ideal bodies. In book, not necessary, but an added bonus.

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Sarah Jenks

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