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Creating a sacred life doesn’t mean you have the same life and pull cards and mediate more… creating a sacred life means you’re WHOLE LIFE changes.

Who here has experienced this??

When you realize you aren’t regular and you are a Holy Woman, you can create…

✨ More money than you could ever need. (I know, money doesn’t buy happiness, but constantly stressing over money is certainly a happiness killer.)

✨ A body you feel safe in, love deeply, and take care of with ease.

✨ This internal confidence and “Take on the World” attitude that comes with knowing who you are and what you want.

✨ More time to do what you really want (because when you understand that you are a divine being you don’t feel pressure or obligation to be constantly doing things for other people that you don’t want to do, in order to feel worthy).

✨ The most romantic, inspiring, hot relationship with someone who you can really be yourself with and who is also doing the deep inner work to make themself better alongside you.
YES! Even with your current partner!

✨ The feeling that you are a good GREAT Mom (insert friend, daughter, dog mom) and own your unique nurturing style.

On this day of new beginnings, I invite you to consider adopting a Sacred life, and if you’re looking for a container to hold you in this process and guide you in how to do it, Holy Woman is open for you,




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