Jun 2013

It’s our anniversary! Here’s some photos to celebrate.

Today is my and Jonathan’s 2nd Wedding Anniversary, so I thought it would be fun to show you some of our wedding album.

I always imagined submitting my photos to a blog or fancy magazine, but we moved to San Francisco the day after we tied the knot in Sherborn, Massachusetts at the house I grew up in, and I never made the time.  And I just realized that I have never actually shared all of my favs on the internet!  It feels perfect that they will live here, for only my favorite people to see:).

It was the most beautiful day filled with happy tears, laughter, love and LOTS of dancing.  I spent 18 months tending to all the details – the flowers were gorgeous, the favors adorable and the table-scape to die for.  But I have to admit, I barely remember any of it.  What is tattooed into my memory are the hugs, twirls and toasts of the people who mean the most to me.

Here are my memories, captured so beautifully by the incredible talented Eric Lauritsphoto (66)photo (65)photo (64)

photo (63)20110618_180430


photo (62)


photo (61)photo (60)photo (59)photo (58)











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  • Tiffany

    The overwhelming feeling I come away with, looking at these gorgeous pictorial memories, is that you both look like you had so much fun! A very Sarah way to celebrate the beginning of a new phase of life. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing these precious moments with us. And happy anniversary!

  • Love them Sarah, especially the passionate ceremony kiss! You’re both gorgeous x

  • Wow so beautiful!!! I’m getting married in 6 weeks! Can’t wait! Happy anniversary

  • Käthlin

    Happy Anniversary!!!! So lovely pictures! I hope my dream of lovely wedding comes true next summer!!!!

  • Absolutely stunning Sarah! <3

  • Hello gorgeous! What a beautiful day — thank you for sharing. Wishing you so many more years of crazy happiness! XX Satya

  • Anne

    These pictures are stunning!!! Thanks so much for sharing! Happy Anniversary 🙂

  • Beautiful photos, Sarah! Thanks for sharing xo

  • Melissa

    Happy anniversary! Love seeing your photos, thank you for sharing!

  • Jennifer

    Happy Anniversary!! Thanks for sharing – the photos are beautiful 🙂

  • Laura

    Happy anniversary!!!

  • Loren Schaffzin

    My goodness, Sarah! Those photos are stunning. I totally get a feel for the magic of your day. L O V E the huppah! I want to see the flowers and the favors! Thanks for sharing with us. xo

  • Oh, Sarah… that looks like so much fun!! Thanks for sharing — forget Facebook or boring leather-bound albums — this is the place for these photos! 😉 x

  • Awww… Gorgeous, Sarah! 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing such precious moments with us, girlie. Happy Anniversary!

  • Beautiful! Thanks for sharing and Happy Anniversary!! xoxo

  • Laura Victore

    Hi Sarah! We share the same wedding anniversary (8 years for my man and I)! Love your gorgeous photos. Thanks for posting them!

  • Sarah Jenks

    Thanks for all of the love! It was such a fun night, I’m so happy I can share it with all of you. xox

  • Oh no… I got so caught up in the photos that I forgot to congratulate you or wish you a Happy Anniversary!!! 😀

  • Raissa

    This is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. It brought tears to my eyes. This is the picture of love, friendship, family and just plane and simple joy. Wish you to look and feel this happy until the end of time. Namaste to you both 😉

  • Annie

    What was your dress? I love it and I want to get the same one!!! Happy Anniversary!

  • Lynn Sheffield

    So beautiful….congrats!!! Wishing you both many more years of love, happiness and joy!!!

  • lovely pictures. Happy Anniversary.

  • Chelsea

    These are gorgeous; congratulations! 🙂

  • Gorgeous! Happy anniversary!

  • Mala

    Happy Anniversary Sarah!!

  • Happy Anniversary 🙂

  • Dan B

    Awesome pics!! Happy Anniversary!

  • Michaela Laughrin

    Happy Anniversary! Thank you for sharing.

    That kiss! Wow.

    Love the two pics of you two with each of your sets of parents before the ceremony. So sweet.

  • Sarah, so beautiful! what an amazing wedding 🙂 Many years of love and excitement to you both! xo

  • Treena

    WOW!Gorgeous Photos! Happy, Happy Anniversary to you both!

  • Carol Lawton

    It was a great party with lots of wonderful memories! I had a great time looking at all the pictures.

  • Jenita Rosalie

    beautiful. Happy wedding Anniversary

  • annie

    You seem to have gained a lot of weight (~10 lbs) in recent photos compared to your wedding. I’m not saying this to be catty (you’re beautiful, no matter what) – but I’m curious what’s happened.

    1. Is it an effect of the photos? You looked a lot heavier in your video series as well.

    2. Were you, like 98% of American women, really motivated to lose weight for your wedding pictures, but you just don’t really care any more?

    3. Is it that the principles you espouse work, but you’ve been having more trouble implementing them lately (i.e., due to the stress of moving, etc?) – or have your views on how well they work changed over time?

    4. Has your vision of an ideal body changed (like, you’re okay with being a size 8, rather than a size 4-6?)

    Again, I’m not saying this to be mean – you’ve earned the right to enjoy your life whatever size you are – but I normally appreciate how you are willing to be honest, so I’d like to hear the truth about all of this.

    • Sarah Jenks

      Hi Annie, I’m so sorry that your comment got caught in spam. I wanted to take some time to respond.

      First, yes! I have gained weight since my wedding. The reality is that my body and my priorities have changed and I am more at my ideal weight now, than I was at my wedding. In the past two years I’ve become more of woman and my body is reflecting that. But I of course stand by my practices and know that they work for women who want to be at their ideal weight, which is always shifting.

      I’ve actually written many posts about this, including this one which is my favorite: https://sarahjenks.com/bb-blog/i-never-thought-id-tell-you-this.

      Big hugs!


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