It’s Our 2nd Anniversary! Photos From Our Wedding

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Today is my and Jonathan’s 2nd Wedding Anniversary, so I thought it would be fun to show you some of our wedding album.

I always imagined submitting my photos to a blog or fancy magazine, but we moved to San Francisco the day after we tied the knot in Sherborn, Massachusetts at the house I grew up in, and I never made the time.  And I just realized that I have never actually shared all of my favs on the internet!  It feels perfect that they will live here, for only my favorite people to see:).

It was the most beautiful day filled with happy tears, laughter, love and LOTS of dancing.  I spent 18 months tending to all the details – the flowers were gorgeous, the favors adorable and the table-scape to die for.  But I have to admit, I barely remember any of it.  What is tattooed into my memory are the hugs, twirls and toasts of the people who mean the most to me.

Here are my memories, captured so beautifully by the incredible talented Eric Lauritsphoto (66)photo (65)photo (64)

photo (63)20110618_180430


photo (62)


photo (61)photo (60)photo (59)photo (58)


Such a magical day.



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