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How to Step Confidently into 2021

How to take everything we’ve learned in 2020 to create a new normal for you and the world.

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I made this video for women who… 

  • Are eager to learn and take action to heal racial and economic inequities
  • Want to show up as the best versions of themselves right now, but feel overwhelmed, exhausted and sad
  • Are sensitive to the deep pain others are feeling now, and asking, “Why is this happening?”
  • Are feeling a pull to change, with an awareness that something bigger is at play
  • Have a sense that part of them knew something big was going to happen and on some level, they’ve been preparing for this time
  • Want to make permanent changes and not slip back into old patterns
  • Feel worthless and unimportant, but secretly wonder if they are meant for more
  • Know in their bones that this time is a transition from one way of life to another, want to understand the role they are meant to play, and their deepest purpose
  • Are ready to shut off auto-pilot, escape the rat-race, and create a way of life that is totally unique to their desires, gifts and happiness

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A Note from Sarah

Our world is at a turning point right now. Issues and wounds that have lingered and festered underneath the surface have risen to the surface for us all to see (thank you, 2020 vision!).

Racism, toxic capitalism, disease, and death make us feel overwhelmed, outraged or very sad. We may wonder whether there’s anything we can do to heal ourselves and our world, and wonder where to start. We may feel like the problems of the world are worse than ever, but it’s important to remember this–we can’t clean up and heal things we can’t see. 

You may be overwhelmed, scared and deeply sad, or you may be thinking, “Thank god people can finally see what I’ve seen all along!” We are in a time of great hardship, but we’re also living in an exciting time because we have the opportunity to create REAL change.

But change isn’t going to happen if you stay small and hide in the corner. You hold a piece of the puzzle that fits in a tiny hole in our human family and we need you to fill it so we start to float. You matter.

In this video I will take you through the steps of going from feeling worthless to feeling important, and confident to take on the role you’re meant to play.

Click here to get instant access to this 20 min video workshop