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Corona as a Portal to a New Life

If you are feeling like something bigger is at play and you want grounding and guidance on how to use this time as an activator to become more of who you were meant to be.

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I made this video for women who… 

  • Are sensitive to the deep pain people are feeling right now and keep asking, “why is this happening? It feels like something bigger is at play.”
  • Have a sense that part of them knew this was going to happen and on some level, they’ve been preparing for this time
  • See all of lessons that people are learning from slowing down to getting back to what matters, but are still experience a lot of anxiety
  • Deeply know that this time is a transition from one way of life to another, and want to know the role they are meant to play
  • See all of their shadows coming up and want to learn from them and release them
  • Know there’s a big opportunity here to be more of who you are
  • Want to get out of auto-pilot and the rat-race and create a way a life that is totally unique to you

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A Note from Sarah

I believe that self-improvement isn’t about changing yourself, but identifying and letting go of the beliefs and behaviors that have never been yours in the first place.

You, the real you, are perfect. The issue is that you’ve adopted coping mechanisms to fit into a crazy world. These coping mechanisms of body hatred, taking on too much, anxiety, peace keeping, fitting in, going with the herd etc. have created patterns and personality traits that are not actually yours, AND they contribute to a social system in need of upgrading.

I believe that this time is here to help us identify these behaviors and beliefs that aren’t yours and start to let them go. To allow this to be a permission slip to be your wild, messy, magical, rebellious, juicy self.

I’ve seen a lot of articles saying that this isn’t a good time for self-improvement… and I say it is never a good time to change yourself more into what society wants you to be, but right now is the PERFECT time to name what coping mechanisms, patterns and personality traits are not actually yours and drop them like it’s hot.

This time can be a time of great transformational shedding if you let it, PLUS the veils between the seen and unseen world are so thin right now, and the Earth has so much wisdom available if you get quiet enough to hear.  This video will guide you to doing that.

Get instant access to this free video workshop

Wow Sarah, I just love how you are always showing up and being your true self! I resonated with everything you said in the Corona video. You are my very first teacher/mentor and I am loving and benefiting from following your journey. Thank you for the work that you do!

Susan S. Pitkowsky


I really loved your Corona video! It was so honest and heartfelt. And I totally agree on the money front - money is power and women have been trained to fear power. Without having the mindset shift that I deserve a good job and that I deserve to be supported at work, I would never be where I am: excited to get up in the morning and deeply connected with my creativity. Hearing you talk about having a number in our minds and doing the numbers inspires me to sit down, crunch the numbers, and continue to work towards my goal. Thanks so much for spreading the message that we shouldn't be intimidated by money - it's so important!

Patricia H


This past year has been a transformational period of growth for me. In Sarah's Corona video, the quote that stood out to me the most was this: “the decisions that we make affect all the decisions of every person on this planet". All year I felt I was shepherding my voice (for my daughters and for all women workers) for a better way to work, flexibility, and work from home options, and in the process making those in my department uncomfortable. Then, bam, the pandemic hit and all the work I'd been sharing made sense and echoed exactly what Sarah has shared in the Corona video. I am the seed of my own home. I have arrived. I am here. I am so thrilled to be so supported, thank you!

Christine Anastasia


The Corona video helped me connect the dots about what is going on for me during this unusual time in our lives and it was just what I needed to remember how intimately connected we all are with nature and each other. Sarah helps put words to our universal experience. While I can feel conflicted about creating inspiring work during a time like this, Sarah gives us a road map to use this contraction to incubate unparalleled growth and to let go of what is not ours to carry, and to continue the transformation into our most authentic, wild selves. I am so grateful for Sarah. She shows us that we are a part of something much bigger, and understanding this greater context allows us to truly honor the wonder of life and ultimately create a beautiful new world.

Nicole Bianchi