My date with SARK (she’s even more amazing than I thought)

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When my friend Amy Ahlers told me she wanted to introduce me to her best friend, I had no idea it was going to be SARK (!!!??). I remember pulling Succulent Wild Woman off of my Mom’s bedside table when I was 13 and relishing in the wisdom.  Come to think of it, it was the first self-help book I ever read, which started a whoooole thing.   

SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) and I met for lunch in North Beach in 2013 before I was pregnant with Marshall.  At the time, I was having a lot of insecurity about my age and felt embarrassed to be so young.  I was nervous to meet Susan since I respected her so much and had no idea why she would ever want to hang out with me.  

When she came in, you could almost see the angels, rainbows and unicorns following her.  She really is as magical as she seems.  She smiled at me so brightly and gave me the warmest embrace.  We quickly caught up on the basics, business (great great), babies (nope nope), where we live etc. etc. Then she mentioned her boyfriend…  and something shifted.

I asked her how she met John and she told me the most romantic, gripping and exciting love story I’ve heard in a long time and the all the magic, manifestation and synchronicities that accompanied the meeting.

Quickly the edges of time and space fell away and we were just two girls gushing over the men we love and the scandalous and magical ways we met.

I told her the story of how the first time Jonathan came to my childhood home he stopped in my laundry room and asked me, shocked, “where did you get that picture?”

“My uncle took it of me and my three siblings” I replied.

“So strange, that looks exactly like a billboard in the Denver Airport, it was one of my favorite things to look for when we went skiing as a child, something about it always made me feel connected to those kids.”

Completely shocked… I tell him “that was us, it was the same picture. My uncle sold a lot of his photos for advertising.”

Somewhere deep down he just knew… magic.

Hours later we were still shrieking, crying and clapping at every detail of each other’s love lives from my strategies to keeping the passion alive after a decade to her “no compromise” relationship rule and how they share a queen sized bunk bed.

What shocked me the most was that John is Susan’s FIRST LOVE! She is engaged to be married for the first time at 60.

I learned so much that day, but my biggest takeaways were that there are no rules in love and friendship, especially time, and so much of having an epic life really comes down to magic.

People ask me about manifestation and intuition all the time and honestly, Susan does it best.  I mean, her life is so different and full of synchronicities, she has 17 best-selling books and when she was finally ready for love, despite all the “odds” being against her, she found her man. She has a great FREE Manifestation Accelerator Course, if you want to to hone this for yourself.  I know that she’s going to be talking about exactly how she manifested love.  It’s juicy.  

Get SARK’s free Manifestation Accelerator Course here.

In the comments I would love to know what you’re trying to manifest these days (saying it out loud is a great first step) and if you have a story of love and friendship that breaks all the rules. I would love to hear it.

In love and magic,


P.S.  Susan and her fiance John, who is a psychologist, came together to write a heartfelt, helpful, easy to apply guide on Love called Succulent, Wild Love.

I’ve been curling up with the book nightly and am learning so much.  With two young kids, I know my partnership with Jonathan is more important than ever to the stability of our family (and my sanity).

If you’ve ever thought that it’s too late to find love, that your time is running out, that you may never find someone


If your relationship is flat, untended or could just use some shaking up…

Wild Succulent Love is your book. You can buy your copy here.  xoxo

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