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I know I haven’t written to you specifically before, but I have something really important to tell you, so listen up.


Alisa, my dear friend and the hormone ambassador for my upcoming Live More Weigh Less program, has a new book coming out. Make that a life-changing new book – and I wanted you to be the first to know.  When it comes to your period, hormone’s, birth control, your ovaries, libido and cycle most of us have been seriously miseducated, and Alisa is setting the record straight.


Alisa, being the rock star that she is, is on the Dr. Oz Show TODAY at 4pm EST on Fox (run, do not walk to your DVR).  Though I can’t reveal my sources, I heard Alisa really shook things up on the show and talked about things that have never been said on TV.  Let’s just say, this is one small step for your ovaries and one giant step for womankind.If you can’t tune it, don’t worry – everything is in her book WomanCode: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become a Power Source, and it’s ON SALE NOWThere’s some sweet gifts you get if you order today, so jump on it.


This is NOT just another book about hormones.  In WomanCode you’ll learn how to heal the root causes of your symptoms, feel good all month, protect your fertility and really tune into your sexy self. You’ll learn Alisa’s food sequencing technique to bring your entire hormonal system back into peak performance, and get her unique cyclical food and lifestyle plan to keep you hormonally healthy for life.
This is seriously required reading for any woman who wants to live more and weigh less.


Excited to tune into Dr. Oz with you today, and I’ll see you on Thursday for your weekly coaching.

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