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I’m not gonna lie, the stuff I want to talk with you about today I usually only cover in my 1:1 sessions because the concept is a little heady.  But I’ve been working on a cool project and this has been on my mind.

So if you’re a smart cookie and want to do some deep work, keep on reading.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about beauty.  I’m in the process of creating The Breathtaking Bride Instant Makeover which is all about how to ditch your body embarrassment so fast you could walk down the aisle tomorrow.

(it obviously applies to the single and married ladies as well, don’t worry).

I have to admit, it’s packs a powerful punch, and I can’t wait to give it to you in the next few weeks.


One of my main points in the makeover is that beauty comes from the inside, but it doesn’t have to stay there.

But here’s the issue, women have a love/hate relationship with beauty.

On one hand we crave it and we would give anything to feel like the most beautiful woman in the room.

On the other hand we feel vain, arrogant or even embarrassed to show our beauty.

Here’s where the problem comes in: When we aren’t allowing ourselves to radiate our beauty, our bodies, frankly… get pissed.  All of the hiding, and playing small only makes our bodies want to get bigger.

Holding onto extra weight is our bodies’ way of saying, “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!”  I know it feels a little strange to imagine you’re body acting out in this way, but doesn’t it make sense when you think about it?


If you’re thinking, “if I’m over weight, how am I supposed to feel beautiful?” then consider this:

When you lose weight, you’re not unzipping a fat suit to reveal a completely new body. You currently hold every element, gift and glimmer of your beauty. Your skin, face, bones, hair and smile will be the same. The vision you have for yourself is YOU.

If you’ve been holding onto extra weight and can’t seem to shed it no matter what you do, then I encourage you to mull this over:

Have you ever considered that part of you wants to stay over weight? Crazy idea right? But I bet, somewhere in there, being thin is actually a little scary.  To you, being thin probably means getting extra attention, and though the extra attention in theory seems good, do you think there’s part of your that is scared sh*tless?

The reality is that truly radiating your beauty can be overwhelming.  What if you get attention you don’t want? What if being thin means you have to be pulled together all the time, that’s exhausting!

I want you to have a deep conversation with yourself, is there any part of you who feels more comfortable hiding behind your protective layer? If the answer is yes, start to make small steps to radiate now, even if you’re not in love with your reflection The process of coming out of hiding will show you that radiating your beauty, isn’t as scary as you thought.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear what’s holding you back from radiating your beauty and what you’re doing to coming out of hiding.

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See you next week!




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