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The Cross was a sacred symbol of the Womb Priestesses for millennia before the Crucifixion. The vertical line represents the upper and lower worlds and the horizontal as the Earthly plane – when a soul comes in it meets at the intersection of these two lines in the womb – the birthplace of life.

Another word for Womb Priestesses is Mer – Maids (water which symbolizes the waters of the womb) or Marys (MER -ys).

When Yeshua was dying, all of his male disciples fled, while the Marys (the Priestesses – who funded Jesus’s whole ministry btw) including the Feminine Christ – Mary Magdalene, and Mother Mary stayed and held a vigil for Jesus.

The Mysteries share that the Magdalene anointed his body after he died (Christ means the anointed one, so he was Christed, or made holy by her during his lifetime) which allowed for his soul to ascend. She stayed embodied, channeling all of the emotion and grief through her body, while he became Awareness and the energetic field. A beautiful metaphor for the masculine and feminine within and without.

Today is also a Full Moon which is a time of releasing.

I believe that Yeshua & the Magdalene came to show how Christ energy is alive in all of us – not just in them, and their story can be used as a metaphor for the great mystery of life and the cycles we must go through in order to become the truth of who we are.

Today I’m thinking about…

What are the crucifixions in my own life?
What is dying in me?
How can I hold vigil and honor those parts?
What needs to be let go to allow resurrection and oneness with source?
Are my inner masculine and feminine in balance?
What grief am I avoiding?

Similar questions can be asked with the metaphors of Passover and Ramadan…

What areas in my life do I not feel free?
Where am I trying to be someone I’m not?
What parts of my ego do I need to let go?
How can I cultivate purity of self?
What miracles am I calling in?
What patterns or behaviors are distracting me from being with myself?

Easter is always after the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox – which is always the Libra Full Moon – the sign of non-hierarchal relationships.

Easter isn’t just about Yeshua, it’s about the Union of the energies of masculine and feminine and the sacred path of being a human.

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