EMERGE Retreat

Fall Equinox | September 20-22, 2024
Hawthorn Farm in Medfield, MA

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My love, if you are afraid of being judged by your family, friends or even your partner if you actually became who you really are, you’re in the right place.

I know it’s easy to believe if you

Just had more money
Just had your parents blessing
Just had your husband go to therapy
Just had your friends grow a little bit more
Just had kids who were a little older
Just increased your followers on Instagram
Just had a bigger home

THEN you would feel
More professional
More feminine, confident and beautiful

But that is the biggest lie women have ever been told.

What’s true is that when you become

Soul filled
Fully Expressed
Sure of yourself


THEN you will create everything you’ve ever wanted.

You have to Emerge as who you truly are, in your authentic power, as a true expression of your soul-self in order to create a life that matches and have the impact you’re meant to have.

So if having more money, a more enlightened parter, a bigger home won’t result in the best version of you, what will?


Ceremony is the sacred technology to remember and uncover your soul and step into your authentic power.

You have to Emerge as the truth of who you are – and everything else will follow.

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It’s time to leave the path you thought you should take

And Emerge as who you truly are, so you can do the thing you came here to do.

Fall Equinox | September 20 – 22, 2024
Hawthorn Farm in Medfield, MA

At Emerge, we are exploring our Feminine Power and Expression.

When we live from our conditioning we play small, we over-give, we hold ourselves back.

When we live from our soul we go BIG, we radiate, we are on a mission, we are on fire.

Emerge is the process of remembering your soul – who you truly are, so you can soar in your life and stand in your full power.

This will be a life-changing weekend.

The Vibe: Like summer camp with all of your favorite Goddesses. Nourishing, simple meals under a tent. Soul revealing ceremonies in a field surrounded by sacred trees. Gorgeous flowers. Space to hear your Soul. Quiet walks in the woods. Ritual. Dance Parties. Tons of laughter and joyful abandon.

The Location: Hawthorn Farm is truly a vortex into another world. My husband and I bought this Sacred Land five years ago in the most divinely guided way. When you pull onto the dirt drive, you instantly feel like you’re a million miles and a thousand years away. We will be gathering in our huge field, eating under a tent, gathering in the Temple & in the barn, swimming in the lake, lying under the apple trees, and walking in the woods.

“Time at Hawthorn Farm isn’t like time in other places. Many have described certain locations as holding energy, and when a place has been a home for Ceremony, meditation and Sacred Work for years, it’s easier to drop in because the container of energy there holds a different frequency. I’m getting chills just thinking about it. Spending 72 hours in a place like this will prove to be infinite – the imprint will last a lifetime.”


I AM REBORN! I am transformed. I knew it was going to be great but it was freaking EPIC! Everything went above my expectations. Having never sat in temple before, I was BLOWN AWAY by the power of this type of gathering, a deep and sacred remembering, an energy field and frequency that is sooo different from just a women's circle.


I have no words for what this experience has done for me – mentally, physically, emotionally. I have been on auto-pilot all year and now I’m finally ready to take the driver's seat and just go for it. I have so much clarity and so much spark! This was the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.


My biggest hurdle in getting here for this retreat was leaving my girls – 5 and 2. This is not the kind of thing I normally do and I was so nervous to even admit that I wanted it or ask my husband to step up so that I could. Being here I realized that I’ve been missing this huge part of me since I had my girls – and I thought somehow putting my needs to the side was what made me a great mom. In Ceremony I saw my girls and they saw me as my highest and best self. They reacted with “WOW, there she is!” and it all clicked – the only way for me to be the best mom is for me to be the best ME. I want them to see me live this wild and beautiful life so that they can do the same for themselves someday. Thank you thank you thank you!


The way Sarah held the container, her power, her leadership, went above and beyond any expectation. Co-creating with nature and Source, and really being able to FEEL the Vortex we were in, went above and beyond.


This retreat allowed me to find the courage to look into my soul and find self love. This is my time. My victory. And there is grief and pride for the woman I was but I am celebrating with gold stars and confetti cannon at the party in my heart. Thanks for showing me the path of the divine feminine.


Everything was beyond words! I had no idea what to expect, I was simply looking for a place to find women supporting each other, a place to cry, a place to get back to my big picture vision, I found all of that plus inspiration, healing, community, new found purpose… it was incredible and Sarah’s approach of all of, no exception are worthy without hierarchy was incredible healing for me.


I found a deeper sense of connection with myself and my vision for what I want in the future. I found a deep connection in sisterhood. I felt connected to the sacred feminine and how to hold that connection in my everyday life. Everything was so beautiful and thoughtfully curated, being in Temple was so powerful!


My cup is SO FULL. In overflow. I haven't felt this alive, inspired, clear and happy in a long time. I met so many new women that I truly feel see me, support me, love me and that I can call upon at any time for any reason. I experienced a cellular embodiment and a deep knowing of having this LIVED experience that I am a fucking Sacred Woman and I am walking the Path of Love and I have medicine this world needs and I deserve to rest and be held and nourished and I am going to GO FOR IT - all of it!!! I now understand what a fully expanded and expressed woman is and I will settle for nothing less within myself and my circle.


Whatever story that brought this amazing group of women together for the day is irrelevant to how we all left. For me, I left the sacred circle feeling refreshed, empowered, and connected to something so much bigger than that original story. Dancing, laughing, crying, sharing, beauty, friendship, connection..... more than anything, Believing Eyes. I am so glad I said yes to this! Couldn't have asked for a better way to launch a new beginning.


This retreat gave me resources to navigate the shitstorm of patriarchy misogyny in the industry I work in. I now know how to access my own power, and I have the awareness of our collective and individual power to unleash the sacred feminine.


Join us for Emerge Retreat

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THE emerge TEAM

Sarah Jenks


Sarah was a Priestess Apprentice in the 13 Moon Mystery School for over 10 years and was Ordained a Priestess in Summer ‘22. Sarah’s personal sacred practice weaves together the mysteries of Ancient Avalon, Earth-based practices of her Celtic and Germanic ancestry, the Feminine Path of Mary Magdalene, and the Ancient Egyptian practices of Anointing. Sarah thought she was destined to have an “in the box” life after going to a top college, working in advertising, and then creating a successful weight loss company.

One day she walked into her therapist’s office where the remnants of a sacred circle from the night before were strewn on the living room floor. She had a full body “Remembering” of being in ceremony. Since that days she’s been devoted to her own sacred practice and Temple skills and has devoted her life to creating spaces for women to have their own remembering and normalizing the presence of the Sacred Feminine in our culture.

My work with Sarah has been deeply transformative and really supported me in stepping more fully into my authentic voice. Through Ceremony, I  have uncovered some literal tools that I’m incorporating into my daily practice to really embody that voice! I feel a natural community with all of the women here and it is SO beautiful, spontaneous, authentic and juicy!! Sarah holds such beautiful, safe, sacred space for all of us to honor our bodies, explore our deepest dreams, and release our very deep wounds and blocks holding us back from being who we know we were meant to be. I would recommend working with Sarah to anyone who’s willing to go deep, who wants to create the life of their dreams, and who wants to really step into their own power surrounded by a group of awesome women cheering them on!


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