How extreme jealousy became my greatest asset

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Happy Monday!

I know we don’t usually have a chance to connect on Mondays, but I just posted today’s challenge (we have another week left of the Live More Weigh Less Fall Challenge, I hope you’ll join us if you haven’t already) and I felt compelled to share something about the woman I used to be insanely jealous of.

I remember when I first met Nisha. It was a super brief meeting at Jivamukti Cafe in New York City when a mutual friend introduced us. She floated over, covered in feathers and gave me her signature squinty smile and breathy “hiiieeee”.  I instantly hated her.

She started popping up everywhere.  On websites I was writing for, posting on my friends Facebook walls. And she was an emotional eating coach too. Kill me. I felt like I couldn’t compete, that she was going to corner the market for sure. I mean, who would want to work with me if they could work with her?

Then she emailed me… and she was NICE. Ugh.  So we got together, planned a tele-class, got together again, and again, and again… and soon my jealousy melted into friendship. Since then Nisha has been my coach, my inspiration, my very dear friend and co-host of LIVE FREE (we still have a few spots left FYI).

I had a particularly low moment two years ago when I was ready to throw it all away.  Running my own business just felt too hard and being a weight loss coach was too much pressure. But she made it clear that it wasn’t WHAT I was doing it was HOW I was doing it.  That conversation changed the way I did everything. I quickly quadrupled my income, worked half as much and was so much happier.

Here’s what she taught me:

When most of us are working to build our careers, we work constantly. With fierce determination and a To Do list longer than the day, the work is never truly done, and we just can’t rest until we know we’ve hustled our hearts out.

But even then, we can’t seem to rest.

The way most people “do” ambition, is to constantly hustle harder until we arrive at our goal. But we are human beings and our goals evolve over time. The reality is, if you’re an ambitious person, you’ll never truly “arrive”. Instead, you’ll raise your glass in celebration, then find a new compelling goal to reach for.

If you never learn to truly enjoy your life and feel deeply satisfied within yourself while reaching towards your goals, you’ll find yourself trapped.  In this place, we feel competitive and jealous of others, we feel disconnected from our deeper calling or message, and we find ourselves feeling exhausted, overworked and overwhelmed.  And we all know what happens when we’re in that space, WE EAT. A lot.

So many of us simply want the same thing – the freedom to enjoy time with our friends and family, the money to travel to places that move our soul, the community support that holds us up when we need it and cheers us on when we’re celebrating, the joy that comes from doing work that feels satisfying and meaningful, and to feel playful, relaxed and free.

After years of figuring out how to create that in her own life, and supporting hundreds of other women to do the same through her masterminds and private coaching, Nisha is finally bringing it to a wider sisterhood.

FIERCE FABULOUS FREE is an 8-week course in living for ambitious women on a mission, just like you. It’s about bringing attention to all the important areas of your life – the areas that you might be neglecting, avoiding, or struggling with because you’ve been too overworked or overwhelmed.

Together, you’ll be doing the deep inner and outer work that it takes to truly feel free. Each week, you’ll focus on one topic, so you have time to integrate it all into your daily life for a more meaningful impact, and a bolder and more joyful life.

Nisha created a gorgeous free video series here, which is where you can get to know her and access everything you need to know about the If you have no plans on signing up for her program, no problem, this training is still so helpful.

I am so excited to share this with you, because I love Nisha and you deserve to be fully awakened to your true potential, live a bold and joyful life, and feel successful, playful, and free.

I’m so grateful for feeling paralyzed with jealousy so many years ago, so that I can now be an intimate part of this woman’s life. I’ve learned so much from her, and I know you will too.

Lots of love,


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