Harvard study shows that IN PERSON social connection has biggest impact on health + happiness


A recent Harvard study concluded, after 70 years of research, that “it’s close relationships, more than fame, class, money, IQ, or even genes that keep people happy across their lives and delay mental and physical decline,” writes Susie Ellis, CEO of Global Wellness Institute, in Well + Good. Ms. Ellis, who predicts health trends, reports that happiness will be the biggest trend in 2019, and the antidote to unhappiness is connecting with like-minded people in real life (not on the internet).

When we bought Hawthorn Farm, I knew in my gut that I wanted to help women in this area open up to their unique magic and let their true selves come out (instead of being the person they think they should be).

When I moved here, so many people told me that hosting full moon circles was going to be too weird for the Boston crowd. They were so wrong. 

Everytime we gather, we are hip to hip, cramming into the Moon Lodge. Last time, we had 80 women here and had to turn many away.

I love the power of the internet – I run an online program that I love, AND I also hold that the healing power of being there in person is incomparable. 

So if you are within driving distance to Medfield, MA, I hope you’ll come and gather with us on September 24th for the Full Moon Women’s Circle at 7:30 PM.  


IF YOU CAN’T BE THERE IN PERSON, we invite you to join our new Facebook group so you can find women in your area who you can connect with. Maybe you want to get together and watch the livestream together. I just ask that you each reserve your own spot because, you know, karma. 


Our circles are different every time, but you can expect some ritual, connecting with other women, identifying what you want to let go of in your life (the Full Moon provides the perfect energy for this), and having a really fun time.

Here’s what 2 women have to say about the Full Moon Circles…

Full Moon Circles are the best, a unique combination of deeply soothing & calming and leaving you incredibly invigorated. It is one of the few places where my inner voice comes out strong and clear, and that alone is so, so valuable. During one of the fall moon circle meditations, I had the strongest, clearest vision of my next collection of artwork and suddenly it was off to the races! Brought it into reality this winter. And at the next one, I manifested my second pregnancy. So powerful!  – Jess Blazejewski 

The circle was magical and nourishing! It was a nice way to spend the night with my dear friend, carve out time for myself, be with other beautiful women, SING!, burn the old, and invite the new. – Ashley M.

Please note that we have limited spots for in-person, so please reserve yours today. 

For In-Person in Medfield, Massachusetts, click here to sign up (space is limited).
For Online Livestream (recording included), click here to sign up. 

I can’t wait to be with you!


P.S. Know anyone in Massachusetts? Forward them this email and tell them to come and hang out with some seriously cool, like-minded women. 😉 Xoxo

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