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I want to give you more info on what to wear for the Holy Woman re-filming on Feb 1st and 2nd to bring cohesion to the styles, colors, and vibe of the film set. All the guidelines are below and if you have any questions, just click reply to this email.

Please know this is an opportunity to have fun with your clothes and not overthink it. Wear something you feel fully expressed in, that feels like you.

We will be sitting on couches and on the floor so be sure to bring outfits that you’re comfortable sitting in (especially on the floor).

How Many Outfits to Bring:

  • Please bring 3-4 outfits
  • 1-2 outfits can include jeans but also bring dresses or skirts that you can easily sit on the floor in. Feel free to wear leggings or tights underneath dresses/skirts.

What Season to Wear:

  • Dress seasonless or gear your outfits toward spring.

The Vibe We’re Going For: 

  • Sacred 
  • Sophisticated
  • Feminine
  • Dress in something you would wear to a ceremony followed by a really fun dinner party with your girlfriends

Colors to Wear:

  • Red 
  • Dark sapphire blue 
  • Earth tones
  • Evergreen
  • See the color palette below:

Types of Fabrics to Wear:

  • Natural fabrics
  • Florals
  • Plaids


  • Simple gold jewelry or natural wooden jewelry

Makeup and Hair

  • Please do your hair and makeup for both days of filming

Do Not Wear:

  • Turquoise (color or jewelry)
  • Sequence
  • Glitter
  • Shirts with words on them

Response Needed:

There will be extra robes, sweaters, dresses, and accessories so if you want to bring white, earth tone, or denim underlayers, Sarah can accessorize you. To provide options for all body sizes, please click reply and let us know your size (small, medium, large, xl, 2xl, or 3xl) as well as the number size (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18).

Lastly, check out this Pinterest page to get some ideas on colors and styles. This is not an exhaustive list, instead just a springboard to inspire you!




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