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About 2 years ago I met Natalie Berthold.

We were sitting at dinner with a group of girls and she was talking about how God sent her a bookshelf.  I thought she was crazy.

She just told God she needed a new bookshelf and the next day, her neighbors put their old bookshelf on the side walk for free.  It was exactly the shelf she wanted, down to the color.

She just said thank you, to her neighbor and God and brought it upstairs.

At first I was like, yeah right, dumb luck. But then she preceded to tell me all of the things she has manifested in her life (including her amazing boyfriend) and although I wasn’t a total believer, I was insanely jealous she had this power.

So I decided to give it a shot, why the hell not?  And crazy shit started happening.

Here are some the strategies I use for you to have fun with.

  1. I talk to God like he’s my homey.  If I try to pray like I’m sitting in the pew with a Bible in my lap, I feel separated and estranged from God.  So I just talk out loud when I’m in the shower or doing the dishes, like he’s my best guy friend.  (side note: if you’re not into God, that’s cool, substitute for Universe, higher power, divine mother etc. it’s all the same)
  2. When I ask for money, I am specific about amount and time.  When I started this manifesting thing, I wrote down a certain amount I wanted to make in a year, then completely forgot about it.  When I went to do my taxes, I found my old notebook and sure enough I had made the exact same amount that I asked for.
  3. I accept that everything is meant to happen, and that every challenge is meant to teach a lesson.  Last summer someone stole two pairs of my nicest underwear and my favorite nightgown out of my laundry at the Laundromat.  Not only is that totally creepy, I was pissed since I loved those things and spent a lot of money on it.  I immediately said, “God! What gives!? I’m pissed but I’m going to trust there’s a lesson here.” And I got over it.  For my birthday a month later, my best friends mother gave me two pairs of nice underwear (she hasn’t given me a bday present since I was 5) and my mother gave me a nightgown from the same store as my stolen one.  Of course. Lesson of faith learned.
  4. I use ritual or ceremony.  Before my wedding my mother heard of a Native American tradition that if you bury a bottle of Jack Daniels at the wedding site, you’ll have perfect weather on your wedding day.  Of course, we did it and included our not-so-ritualistic family members, asked God for sun and did little dance after we buried the bottle.  24 hours before my wedding day there was a 90% chance of rain.  I was devastated but still hopeful that the weather gods would pull through.  Sure enough on our wedding day, it was raining everywhere within a 20 mile radius EXCEPT for my town where the wedding was.  We had picture perfect weather.  Our guests said it was so weird to leave their hotels in the rain and arrive in sunny Sherborn.
  5. I visualize what I want to look like.  If we’re not clear with what we want, then how will we get it? It’s kind of like calling up the LL Bean catalog and saying, “just send me anything, I’m sure I’ll like it!” and getting pissed when you get a pair of size 7 green rain boots in the mail when you really wanted red ones in a size 9.  So when I want to make a change with my body, I close my eyes and imagine very clearly what I want to look like, how I feel, move and dress when I embody that vision. Over the past few years I’ve gone from a size 12 to a size 6 without dieting.
  6. I don’t worry about the “How”.  This is by far the MOST important concept, and the hardest for me to grasp.  When we ask for something and then think about all of the obstacles or how you’ll have to work too hard, it’s just a total buzz kill, and your manifesting loses it’s power.  Just ask, and let God take care of the how.  When I started The Breathtaking Bride, I had no idea how I was going to get the business off the ground.  I needed a name, a website, and a photo shoot, and I only had a month before wedding season and $500.  But I decided not to worry about the HOW and just went through the motions.  The name “The Breathtaking Bride” came to on the treadmill one day when I wasn’t even thinking about it, my web designer offered me a discounted price, I met a photographer who was the secretary of a woman I had a business meeting with who said she’s do a 4 hour shoot for $150 bucks. We got a studio space for free.  And just when I was panicking about finding a wedding dress to where in the photo shoot, a business card from a bridal shop that I hadn’t been to in a year fell out of my notebook, I went, asked them if they wanted to donate a dress.  A dress had just been returned by a high-maintenance bride, so they offered it to me and when I tried it on, it fit like a glove!  I had my business up and running in two weeks from the first day I got the idea.  It was meant to happen, and it was all so easy, because I didn’t worry about the HOW.

In the comments on the blog, I’d love to hear how you feel about all this woo-woo stuff. Does it seem silly? Are you into it?  Have you manifested any crazy experiences? I’d love to know. 

And let me know what strategy you’re gonna try this week.  Which is the one that jumps out at you?


All the best,


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