How to Step Confidently Into the Rest of 2020 [Video]

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Happy Full Moon in Aquarius!

There’s a lot of powerful magic in the air today. It feels like I have a burst of energy after so much shadow work the past few months.  This time that we are in is so important, and I don’t want you to go back to sleep.

It makes sense if you feel exhausted, strung out and deeply sad about the state of the world. This is a lot.  We’ve gone through a lot. You’ve gone through a lot.

But I’m writing today to make sure that you don’t feel worthless, lose hope or miss your opportunity to fully step into your power.

Click here to watch my free mini-workshop:

How to Step Confidently Into the Rest of 2020


I believe we are at a turning point, a great re-set for humanity and our planet.

Issues and wounds that have lingered and festered underneath the surface have risen into plain sight for us all to see (thank you 2020 vision!).  Racism, toxic capitalism, disease, death, sex trafficking are incredibly overwhelming.  We can feel like things are worse than ever, but remember… it’s always darkest before the dawn.  We can’t clean up and heal things we can’t see.

You may be overwhelmed, scared and deeply sad, or you’re thinking “thank god people can finally see what I’ve seen all along!”. This is a hard time, but it’s also an exciting time because we have the opportunity to create REAL change.

But change isn’t going to happen if you stay small and hide in the corner.  You hold a piece of the puzzle that fits in a tiny (or big!) hole in our human family and we need you to fill it so we start to float.  You matter.

I created a free video workshop (just 20 minutes!) during which I  take you through the steps of going from feeling worthless and overwhelmed to feeling important and confident to take on the role you’re meant to play in the rest of 2020.

In this video I talk about the three exact steps I’ve been taking to create a new life and update my mission through what I’ve learned and experienced this year.  It’s only 20 minutes and it’s totally free.


Click here to watch my free mini-workshop: 

How to Step Confidently Into the Rest of 2020


When you’re done watching it, please share it with your friends and community, I think it is so important that we all wake up to our role during this important time.

Have questions?  You can always reach out.



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