How wearing a bikini was like getting a root canal with no drugs and what I did about it.

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I hope you had an amazing weekend. I had the honor of throwing one of my closest friends in SF a bachelorette party in Palm Springs. It was one weekend long pool party full of good talks, poolside service and relaxing spa services. Da bomb. Here’s a cute pic of me and the bachelorette hamming it up in the pool.


When I was floating in the pool with the other women (most of which I was meeting for the first time) having the time of my life and feeling great in my bikini, I remembered that this was the exact type of weekend I used to skip because I was “waiting to be thin.”

Bathingsuit + thin women + pool = worst nightmare

Of course when I would get an invitation to do something, I would start a diet right away and spend weeks panicking over looking like a fat, lazy idiot in my bathing suit. I inevitably screwed up my diet at every turn. Once the party or trip was a few weeks away, I’d just make up some excuse and cancel so I could save myself the embarrassment.

I’ve said “no” to so many things in my life because I was “waiting on the weight”. I’d skip dinner with friends because I didn’t want to be tempted to eat the bread or drink wine, I almost lost Jonathan when I refused to let him see me naked because I hated my body, I avoided going home to see my parents because I was worried about stuffing my face with too much ice cream, I cancelled a trip to the Bahamas. The list of things I missed out on is endless.

But I thought I could just stick to my diet for a few months, lose thirty pounds and THEN I would be able to skip around in my bikini without my body jiggling. And as you know, it never happened.

Most weight loss programs encourage you to stay in, hunker down, press pause, say no. Life gets pretty boring, and we soothe that boredom with chips, chocolate and ice cream.

I created Live More Weigh Less because I wanted to give you a program that inspires you to get out, create adventure, press PLAY, and say YES!

This spring I want you to show up in shorts, RSVP “yes” to that pool party, join your friend for the hike and rock a hot dress at your bestie’s bday. Not because you’re thinner, but because this is what life is all about and you deserve to be there.

And when our life is made up of all of these little joys and adventures we no longer need the sweets and the extra weight we’re holding onto melts away.

Enrollment for Live More Weigh Less is only open until this Friday, May 3rd at 8pm Eastern. If you’re sick of staying in and saying no, I hope you’ll check out this page, start living and say YES!

Live More Weigh Less 

Another thing that is so unique about LMWL are the amazing guest coaches we have in the program. They are going to be teaching you incredible things like fashion styling, finances, cooking, makeup and how to heal your hormone imbalances.

I actually got the chance to sit down with one of the experts, Alisa Vitti author of the new book WomanCode which we’re celebrating in SF this Thursday. I really hope you’ll come out for the party so we can hang out. You have to RSVP here to get your ticket.

I wanted to give you a taste of Alisa before LMWL because I think she is such an incredible woman and her protocol for getting our hormones in balance is revolutionizing my life, and I know it will do the same for you.

In our interview we talked about productivity, stubborn weight, acne, learning to love working out and training our partners to make us happy based on our cycle. Awesome.

You can listen to our talk here : My interview with Alisa Vitti

And you can check out the other amazing guest coaches here.



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