I am a woman who wants more than most people.

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How often do you convince yourself that what you want is just too much?

Most people seem to be happy with very little.

And I’m not just talking about material things – sure that gets to be part of it.

But what about wanting amazing, hilarious friends who also have kids your kids’ ages who will come over and go skinny dipping and then throw a dinner together while the kids run wild?

Or a partner who plans date nights for you, holds space while you cry, asks you what’s on your heart multiple times a day, calls you out when you aren’t living on purpose and when you come to them with a “crazy” idea they say “GO FOR IT” and if you fail, I’m here to catch you?

Or days that are filled with laying in the grass, crafting with your kids, doing work that lights you up, meditating with a tree, and talking to your grandmother on the phone for an hour?

And YES all the money you need to do the things you want to do.

A home that is spacious, beautiful, and sacred.

A body you feel bananas hot in.

A wardrobe that fully expresses who you are.

It’s ok to want it. All of it.

Not only is it ok – it’s necessary for creating the life that’s meant for you… AND I also believe it’s the only way to have the positive impact you came here to have. I will tell you why later – but for now, I just want you to try on the idea that it’s ok to want it.

When I felt bad for wanting more, I settled for a life that didn’t bring me joy. It looked fine on the outside, but it didn’t make my heart sing – AND it wasn’t full of meaning. I also felt down, lethargic, overwhelmed and a little pissed all the time… was I helping anyone in that state? Definitely not.

When I realized the psychological conditioning that made me, and most women programmed to want very little and what that did to our energy & impact – wow… I got mad.

Tomorrow I’m going to be sharing a way to break free from this conditioning and normalize women wanting more. Keep an eye out.


All my love,


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