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Can you believe it!? Jonathan and I are through the roof.

I have so much to tell you, so sit tight.

In the middle of June I was meditating and heard (not audibly but kinda felt) a voice that said “you’re pregnant”.  This was a shocker one, because I’m not used to hearing voices and two, we were not trying to get pregnant.  But with an upcoming trip to wine country, I thought I might as well double check just to make sure the voice was wrong.

Sure enough, a week before my period, the test was positive and my life changed in an instant.

Though we were surprised, we have always wanted kids and are so grateful that God decided to ignore my carefully laid out plan. What a good lesson. Thanks G.

The past few months have been amazing. I’m settling into a completely new way of being in my body, with the people I love and in my life.  It truly is a whole new level of living more and … well, weighing more that’s got me wondering, why don’t we live like this all the time?

I’ve experienced a whole new level of total ease, incredible pleasure and pure joy. I am so excited to bring you to this new level with me. And you don’t need to get knocked up to get there;).

It’s true what they say about bursting with creative energy and nurturing tendencies when you’re pregnant. I need you know that this time in my life is not about hanging back, but even more fully leading you to your deepest desire of the life and body you want to create.  We’re in this together.

Because of this change there are some important things you need to know about how we can work together:

1. Live More Weigh Less Mastery (same great program, new fancy name) will be in session this fall starting October 1st, 2013.  You’ll start receiving incredible free training and a new awesome free program in just a few weeks.

**Since our little one is due in February, I will not be offering Live More Weigh Less Mastery again until Spring 2015, so this is your chance to really get on it.

2. In order to give the women in LMWL my full attention and have some time to hang with my belly, I am no longer taking on one-on-one clients.  As of now, this will be a permanent change in my business.

3. Live Free is going to be even more exciting because I’ll be rockin’ a sweet baby bump.  Since this is the last season of being able to work with me for a while, I really hope you’ll consider joining us.

4. I will still be sending you free coaching straight to your inbox weekly, throughout my pregnancy and during maternity leave.  Expect it to be extra juicy.  If you’re not on my list (WTF?) you can sign up by entering your name and email below.

If you have any pregnancy tips, bring ‘em on in the comments below!  It takes a village and I can’t wait to be on this adventure with you.


Sarah & le bebe


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