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Jonathan is on call this weekend, so I felt like I had a blank canvas on which to paint my plans, which I’m going to share with you, then I’m gonna give you concrete steps so you can plan your own fabulous weekend.

So here’s what I’m up to…

On Friday night I’m meeting Molly at Uniqlo (it’s opening night in SF woop woo!) to do some shopping, after we’re gonna grab salads at The Grove and then go see Pitch Perfect.  I’m still a little bitter I didn’t get into an a cappella group in college, so this movie may be bitter sweet.

On Saturday, my girl crew and I are venturing north to pick pumpkins and apples and have a glorious fall inspired picnic.

Saturday night I’m going to come home, have a healthy dinner and catch up on New Girl.

Sunday I’m going to workout then I have NO PLANS!

Ok, so why am I telling you all of this?  This seems like a perfectly normal weekend right? WRONG! These activities were specifically crafted to support my beauty.  Let’s break it down…

Single out one celebratory meal
It used to be that the weekends were my time to celebrate.  I’d have a huge dinner on friday, followed by drinks.  Saturday morning we’d go to brunch, have eggs benedict, split pancakes and sip bloody mary’s. Saturday dinner was another big meal with lots of wine, followed by Sunday brunch and a big homemade dinner on Sunday with friends.

Even though I was super healthy during the week, I’d wake up every monday morning feeling like I gained 20 pounds. Not fun.

So this weekend I decided to have only one meal all about celebration, which will be my picnic lunch with the ladies on Saturday. When you have only one celebratory meal you have no guilt which makes it incredibly enjoyable and so much more satisfying.

So I want you to pinpoint your celebratory meal (yes now) and the next step is to curate the rest of the weekend to support eating healthy…

Determine Activities that are fun without food
This is why I’m choosing to go to the movies on Friday. A movie is the main event so a simple dinner without wine becomes secondary.  I know I’m gonna feel just as celebratory even though I won’t be having a long fancy dinner.  The key here is to forgo movie theater popcorn and M&M’s and sneak in some high quality dark chocolate (if you must munch during the movie).

Some other things you can do are go to a museum, have a movie night at home, craft night, take a pole dancing class, salsa dancing, read a fabulous book, take a bath, go to a comedy club, explore new neighborhoods that you’ve been wanting to visit but never had, go to a burlesque show, visit a gallery or check out your city’s ‘first fridays’ events.

Move your body
I used to hate working out on the weekends, but when I finally learned that moving my body was not about weight loss, it can be fun and makes me feel beautiful, now I love moving on the weekends.  If you’re constantly promising yourself that you’re gonna start working out but can’t seem to find the time or the energy, then you REALLY need to sign up for the webinar I’m co-hosting with Liz DiAlto on Tuesday.  It’s free and it’ll completely change the way you think about working out.

Have a day with nothing planned.
Having a day with nothing planned is not normally my jam.  But with all the travelling I’ve been doing, I’ve realized that I’m painfully over programmed.  And when you’re over programmed, you can’t fully connect with yourself, your intuition and your creativity, which is so important for me to connect with as a coach.

Even though I worry that sunday will be boring, a waste of time, unproductive and sloth-y, I’m excited to just go with the flow, follow my inner drum beat and just chill the f*ck out.  What a concept? I know beauty is going to come from it.

So here’s what I want you to do, on the comments on the blog tell us four things: 1. What is your celebratory meal going to be? 2. What fun activity are you going to do that doesn’t revolve around food? 3. How are you going to move your body and when? 4.What day are you going to do NOTHING and how does that feel to you? Uncomfortable? Glorious?

I can’t wait to hear about your plans. Have an amazing weekend!


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