I made out with someone last week.

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It was one of those crazy moments.

I saw him from across the room.

I felt like a carbonated soda had exploded in my body, everything was electric.

He came over, put his hands on my face, kissed me slowly and softly, and then more passionately.

It could’ve lasted for a minute or ten, I honestly couldn’t tell you.

When we stopped I felt my face flush, a little embarrassed by my rawness.

And then I went back to making dinner.

Yes, the man was my husband, and we were in our kitchen, but I bet you thought I was talking about someone else.  Why?

I bet it’s because, regardless of how open minded or modern we are, we have this subconscious belief that passion, that feeling of making out with a hot stranger, doesn’t really exist in a long term relationship.

Au contraire mon amie.

Now of course, it’s not like this with us all the time, if it was, it wouldn’t feel this exciting.  But it sneaks up on us enough to keep us on our toes.

At me and Nisha’s Live Free Retreat we’re going to be walking the members through a very specific strategy in keeping the passion alive in our relationships, because let’s face it, we could all use a little more of it.  But today I want to give you some of the highlights.

1. Consciously transition from “work-mode” to “home-mode”.  For me it’s about deeply connecting with my feminine.  I wash my face, re-do my makeup and put on a beautiful outfit.  I do this for me, because it relaxes me and makes me feel beautiful, not because I’m trying to impress Jonathan.  Though, I believe that our partners deserve to experience the best version of us, not the worst.

2. Have an open posture.  When you stand up straight, throw your shoulders back and stick out your chest, not only do you look 10 pounds thinner, but your heart is open to the other person.  It can feel vulnerable and a bit naked, but those are the prerequisites to passion.

3. Make out without having sex.  A lot of us get caught in the trap of feeling like all passion has to lead to the bedroom.  And because we’re not always in the mood (which is totally ok) we avoid drumming up some passion with our clothes on, which is faster, less vulnerable and a lot more convenient.  I want you to practice making out with your partner and then moving onto a conversation or activity.  If they start trying to take off your clothes, tell them in a sexy seductive tone, “not now sweetheart”.

In the comments below I want to know what strategy you’re gonna try first and what tips you have to create passion in your relationship.

Can’t wait to jam with you.



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