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I need your help with something.  Every time I get on the phone with some of my Live More Weigh Less women I have some version of this conversation…

“Sarah, I just can’t shake the feeling that I want to lose weight more.than.anything.”

I tell them I get it, I’ve been there.  And then I ask..

“Tell me what your life will look like when you lose weight?”

“Well, I’ll be more social and have an easier time making friends. I’ll be more relaxed, less uptight and fight with my husband less.  I’ll feel more sexual and be more adventurous.  Just you know, be more UP!”

So essentially these women want to feel confident, at ease, connected, sexual and energized more than anything.  All great things to want.  But here’s where my issue is…

Where did we learn we have to be a certain size to have those things?  And who told us that losing twenty pounds would magically change our entire personality?


We are so hardwired to believe that life will be better and easier when we are thin.


I honestly have no idea, which is where you come in. Can you remember when you first learned that your personality would change if you could lose some weight?  Did someone tell you this?  Was it because women in magazines or in movies seemed so carefree?  Is this built in our DNA from birth?

What I do know is that this can be unlearned, and it isn’t until we can clearly see that our actions and desires are in control of our lives, not our body size, that we can finally create everything we want for our life and body.

So I want you to ask yourself, WHY do you want to lose weight?  What are all the changes you believe will happen when a new number on the scale shows up?  Write them down…

Now, this is super important, listen closely. Eating less cake and more broccoli is not going to make you more social or feel more in control of your life.  BUT being more social and creating more calm in your life from your heart and soul will result in eating less cake and more broccoli because we no longer need to rely on cake to be our friend, we have real friends now.

Maybe that’s it…. we see women in our lives who seems at home in the world and in their bodies and naturally eat healthy.  We assume that it’s her body that is causing her personality to be so open, calm and inspiring, but it’s actually the other way around – the way she is in the world is causing her body to be her ideal weight.  Live More, Weigh Less in the flesh.

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.  I’d love to talk bout why we hold this belief and where you think you learned it.  I am determined to get to the bottom of this.



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