If The “Good Wife” Is A Saltine Cracker, The “Wild Wife” Is A Ripe, Juicy Peach

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The Good Wife is laced with Puritanism, guilt and laundry.

I walked down the aisle into a fog that never lifted. A weight of dutifulness and shame of my sensuality fumigated my being.

I felt numb, my maidenhood and freedom drained from my cheeks.

It was so confusing because my husband was still the same man that ignited my fire and encouraged my freedom. He was not my capture, it was the fumes of the Good Wife holding my leash.

I asked my soul, if I am not the Good Wife, then who am I? Am I not meant to be married? Is this institution only here to oppress me?

No beloved. I heard. You are not a Good Wife, you are a Wild Wife.

Oh. I am a Wild Wife.

I am a wild wife who is unpredictable and furious and deeply loving.

I am wild wife who doesn’t do laundry but fills my home with candles and wildflowers.

I am a wild wife who dances barefoot in the kitchen and is always down to go skinny dipping.

I am Kali and Aphrodite.

I don’t read the mail, pay bills or make lunches, but I am reweaving the rituals of our ancestors into our lineage.

My belly is soft scarred, my hair long and unbrushed, my arms strong from carrying babies.

My expectations are high, my demands clear, and my boundaries fierce.

I’m not here to check the box of marriage and kids, I’m here for Sacred Union and to awaken through love.

If the Good Wife is a saltine cracker, the Wild Wife is a ripe juicy peach.

I want you to see how “roles” come with their own energy field. This is how the patriarchy has kept women in a box. They have made it so the label of “wife” is the number one marker of “worth” but once we get it, we are brainwashed to believe we’re worthless.

This doesn’t mean that lifelong partnership is bad. Lifelong partnership has been around much longer than the patriarchy. It’s just that the sanctity and true purpose of lifelong partnership has been hijacked by the patriarchy. It’s time to take it back. It’s time to remember our true role as wives.

I AM A WILD WIFE. Will you join me?

Moonday Journaling Questions:

  1. Can you relate to the feeling of being the good wife? In what ways do you see it play out in your life?
  2. Where did you learn how to be the good wife? Did you see it in movies, magazines, your own mother?
  3. Try on the archetype of “wild wife”, how would you change?
  4. How would you act? Dress? Mother? Have sex?

Let’s make #wildwife happen.




P.S. The brainwashing we received to be the “good wife” is strong. If you need support coming back to your true self and fully owning your role as the Wild Wife, I would love to support you. If you’d like to have me as a coach and spiritual mentor check out

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