An Inside Look at my Prepping, Primping, Shrinking Process

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Hi guys!

I hope you’ve been well! I’m happy to be connecting with you after a few weeks of not writing.

It has been a CRAZY few weeks. Lots. Of. Change.

I want to bring you up to speed on what’s been going on in my life and share an important lesson I learned about growing up, separation and weight loss. You can click on my video below to get my update.

But first, I’d like to share with you an exciting project I’ve been developing the past few weeks that I have a sneaky feeling, is the embryo of what could be a really cool project. It’s such a small thing right now, as you will see, but I hope it will give brides some sane inspiration and guidance amongst all the crazy talk that goes on around weddings.

Here’s the story of how all this started…

Two weeks ago, I decided to keep a record of exactly what I was doing to prepare for my wedding on June 18th, now just 35 days away. What was originally going to be a personal conversation between me and my journal, ended up on the very public, Facebook.

It’s been a challenge to be so transparent, as it’s hard for me to admit my weaknesses around food when I strive so intensely to be a power of example, but what I have learned is that “healing” is about the embracing the healing process, not necessarily being healed. And with 35 days to go, and a shit storm of emotions and challenges swirling in my head, the healing process is very much my reality. I am very much in the work, and learning to love it;)

So I would like to introduce The Breathtaking Bride Guide: A daily dose of my prepping, primping, shrinking process for the inspiration (and entertainment) of other brides-to-be.

To follow along you must “LIKE” the facebook page, as I will not be doing the same updates on my blog. I’ll make sure to post photos, faux-pas and other hilarious happens as my engagement comes to an end and married life begins

It’s going to be a wild ride.

Speaking of wild rides… you won’t believe the amazing upheaval that’s been happening in my life the past month and the surprising weight loss lesson I learned. I made a quick video for you, and after watching I realized I probably should’ve put on a little make-up, but I’m going to use this as a opportunity to practice self-acceptance-the most powerful tool for weight loss.

Click on the video to watch my video update:

Breathtaking Bride Guide: T-45 days

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