It’s time to be quiet


Dear one,

I ask you not to miss this. Do not let the magic of this dark time be overshadowed by the pressure of perfection. We are not meant to push so hard. What would happen if you just let go? Let go of all things you feel like you have to do. Think about it, what would actually happen? And what would happen to you? What would that space and freedom and expansiveness feel like in your body? In your being? And with that space, how would you live differently?

How would you love differently?

When I am in all of the tasks, the shopping, the cooking, the instagramming, and the marketing… I honestly do it for love. For the love of my life, my children, and my sanity. But is it really working? Are my efforts yielding the results I am desiring?


I feel like I’m floating above my life, never really landing in it. And I keep thinking if I just do a little bit more… then I will land. Then I will exhale.


It’s over for me. I drew a line in the sand. No more working so hard to show love, to feel safe, to meet a goal that I think will make me feel alive.

I am just going to sit down in my life. Sit down and stop talking and just feel the love that is already here. To be the love that is already here.

I am coming back to Earth. 

In this week of the shortest days and longest nights of the whole year, we are called to love. Love without the doing or the needing. Just love. See your people. Let them see you. Don’t let the pressure exhaust you from doing the thing you think you need to work so hard for – love. It’s right here. Without doing anything. It’s here only if you stop. Sit down in your life and don’t move.



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