It’s Witch Week!


Hey babe,

Happy Moonday! I’m feeling the shift into Witch Season. Can you feel it, too?

(P.S. Witch just means “wise one” and a person who looks for wisdom in the cycles of the Earth, like life and death, the seasons, the Moon, etc. so you now you know, don’t freak out.)

When Autumn falls upon us, we start to see the beauty of death. The dying leaves, the dying grass, the plucking of food from its life source. There is so much bounty, and yet we are coming to the end of life for many things.

This transition from Summer to Winter is a potent time for magic. Even if we aren’t tuned in to the thinning veils, we can feel the pull back into the kitchen to whip up crisps or mulled cider. Did you know that this is a type of spell-making? To capture the essence of the earth and your love in a single dish? What alchemy! And I’m sure you can see the person who is eating your spell fall under your cast of love and nourishment. This is magic.

Magic is also one of the most practical tools I’ve found to help me in my daily life. And it’s the number one reason I stopped living to please everyone else and finally created a life on my terms. I use magic for motherhood, making money, making decisions, stress relief, helping my marriage, feeling sexy, and my health. What used to feel like a fluffy and taboo topic is now at the forefront of my life.

So today I invite you do a little magic: maybe it’s a releasing ritual by lighting a list of things that aren’t serving you anymore on fire over your toilet and flushing it. Or maybe you want to buy a tarot deck to get clarity on your purpose. Or maybe you want to simply ask your inner knowing what’s next for you and sit in silence for 20 minutes and see what your inner knowing tells you.

Let me know how it goes!



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