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Let’s get right down to it – you love the anticipation of starting a diet.  You love thinking about all the veggies and grapefruit you are going to eat, the idea behind the motivation that you will magically rise at 6 a.m., bounce out of your bed and skip to the gym for a two-hour workout.  Passing up drinks at a party will be a piece of cake!  Speaking of cake, cutting that out will be a cinch.

All you can think about is how happy you will be when you finally lose ten… fifteen… twenty pounds.

You begin your diet.  Everything isn’t rainbows and butterflies anymore.  You can’t stand needing to assign everything you eat points. Going to the gym at 6 a.m. is nearly impossible. You hate the taste of grapefruit and all you want to do is eat cake.

You are stuck in a world of self-deprivation and torture, but you continue to push through because you have this very strong conviction that replays like a broken record in your head, If I were thin, I would be happy.”


Well, I don’t know about you, but I know plenty of thin women who don’t like themselves very much and who aren’t really that happy.

Here is what I want you to do. Make a list of how your life, your world, your attitude, your personality, your luck will be different when you are thin.


Here are some common ones to get you started:

If I were thin… I would go shopping and buy a sexy dress.

If I were thin… I would start dating again.

If I were thin… I would have more confidence at work.

Now, listen babe, I’ve got news for you.  You are dreaming!  The happiness fairy doesn’t come down and bop you on the head when you suddenly reach that ideal number on the scale.  You have to work at it!

And, you need to start now, not fifteen pounds from now.

Here’s why, when you are waiting to be thin to start your life, you get stressed, moody and down.  And, as women, how do we normally deal with that?  That’s right – by eating.

Start living your “thin life” NOW!  Every week choose one thing from your “If I were thin…” list and do it.

When you start adding all of these fun, colorful things to your life, you are showing your wonderful, beautiful body that you love and care for it, just the way it is.  Your life is suddenly filled with so much pleasure!

And, now that things no longer suck so much, you don’t have to eat to deal with your sadness and stress.  Deprivation and torture are replaced with a new sense of confidence, charisma, and fun!

When we start living this fabulous life filled with self-love, nurturing the body with healthy foods becomes a no-brainer.  We start to see that eating organic, whole, healthy foods is really all about showing ourselves care and respect, not about fitting into a size two.  Instead of going on a diet to forcefully chip away at your body, weight loss and being healthy is about creating a body that reflects your new “I’m a knock out” attitude.

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