Mirroring Your Computer To Your TV

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If you want to take your viewing experience to the next level, consider connecting your computer to your TV. Watch one of these two short and simple videos for instructions:

For Mac users:

For PC users:


  • Be sure to know what ports for cables are available on your computer and your TV.  Most of the time this will require an HDMI cable (like this one).  
  • Check to see if you need an adapter or HUB to connect (some computers might not have a standard size HDMI port and might need a different type of cable).
  • If you have a Mac, I use and like this hub from Apple.  It lets you connect to HDMI and power your computer at the same time so you don’t drain your battery.
  • If you use a PC, it most likely already has an HDMI port or you may need to get an adapter cable for HDMI to another common port like DisplayPort or USB-C.
  • If you have trouble figuring out what type of ports you have on your computer, this article describes many types and has very clear photos of each.
  • Test ahead of time to make sure your setup works.

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