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It was 2012 when I first saw my dream home. I was sitting in a room of 5,000 people being led in a guided meditation by the larger-than-life, Tony Robbins. I could clearly see the double-sided fireplace that separated the living room from the dining room. I was sitting in the living room drinking hot cocoa and while watching the fire blaze and the snow falling outside. In my meditation, the doorbell rang and a flurry of three rosy-cheeked kids rushed into the room demanding hot chocolate after being out sledding. I took note of the white walls, exposed beams, and floor-to-ceiling windows. I thought it seemed a little modern for my taste, but it felt good, so I folded it away in my memory bank.

Fast forward to this past November, now with two kids and 9 months left in San Francisco (this number was not an accident I imagine). I had just started my Empowerment work with Katina Mercadante, who I told you about here, and one of my projects was to write out my 5-year plan in extreme detail.

I decided in 5 years we would be moving from our “starter home” in Massachusetts to our dream home. Through my work with Katina, I uncovered that I am called to do sacred work with women in person. I dreamed of owning a property where I could cultivate a sacred landing place for women to transform in many areas of their life – body, career, family, love, creativity…

I wrote down details of my dream home like

  • A tree-lined long driveway
  • Sheep
  • Open fields to gather in circle
  • Woods where we can have solitude or dance naked in privacy
  • A stream
  • Old trees
  • A house with an open floor plan, plenty of bedrooms, a front porch, and lots of light
  • A Barn
  • Enough space to build a yurt (a round, usually canvas, building) where I can gather women in circle

Two weeks after I wrote this, Jonathan and I were laying in bed, our bellies full from our Thanksgiving Dinner, and pulled up the Trulia app for the 100th time to see if anything new appeared in the towns we were considering. Whether it was the wine or fate, we didn’t plug in our “price filter” like we normally do and up popped a picture of a house on a lake. I was intrigued by the water and clicked.

When I saw the price, I didn’t even want to look at the pictures, for fear of falling in love and being disappointed, but again wine/God took over.

I clicked on the cover picture of the house perched on a lake and up popped a windy tree-lined driveway, then sheep, then THE LIVING ROOM I SAW IN MY VISION AT TONY ROBBINS (!!!!), then open fields, a barn, and a picture of a trail running through the woods… I’m now looking at Jonathan in shock, and he is looking at me in fear because he sees what’s happening… and then, you’re not going to believe this… there’s a freaking YURT on the property. Yurts are not a “thing” in Massachusetts, and it’s not even a yurt, it’s a huge octagonal building with a kitchen, office, and 1½ baths. At this point, my whole body is shaking and I have to get out of bed and do some deep breathing. The house was way over our budget, but this was, clear as day, our house. Five years before I thought it would come into being.

I barely slept that night and the next morning I pulled out my travel altar, asked about the house in meditation, and heard, “Google it”.

So I googled the address and a website came up about the various programs that were offered at the yurt-on-steroids. Yoga, reiki, singing workshops, dance, herbalism… this place obviously already had a lot of magic happening in it. I got hooked by the articles written by the owner and was taken by how similar our philosophy is. When I got down to the end of one of the articles I see that the owner of the house is MY HIGH SCHOOL THERAPIST!!!!! Are you kidding me!?

This was the first woman to ever talk to me about my body and was the very first step on my healing journey. The symbolism rocks my world.

A week later I was already planning on being in Massachusetts for my Godson’s baptism, and I emailed the owner to set up an appointment to come see the house.

As soon as I stepped on the property it was clear, this land was sacred, and it felt like I was meant to be there. After meeting with the agents, I went on a long walk through the woods with my old therapist. We talked about what has happened in our lives since our work together many years ago. She told me about the history of the land, the farm, the house, and the yurt. We talked about the Goddess, Earth Magic and Native American Spirituality, and seasonal living. So much in common, so much to share, the hours just rolled on and on. She revealed that they had done a shamanic ceremony just a few days before I emailed her to call in the new owner of the land. She blessed my journey and asked the spirits of the land to make my path clear. I felt like I was in a dream.

Then I jumped on the emotional roller coaster. Is this for real? Is the Goddess just playing a joke on me? Maybe magic doesn’t exist. I should probably buy a cheaper house and get a large property when I’m ready. Am I really meant to do work that will do this land justice? Why me? The angels must’ve gotten the wrong person. 

But with my tribe in my corner and sitting in daily meditation and prayer, the naysayers in my head parted for the truth that this was meant to be.

Jonathan and I traveled to see it in March and look at other houses just in case this fell through. He was instantly hooked. We got creative with our finances, were blessed with many more miracles, and were on our way to making our dream a reality. The whole thing was so trippy that I couldn’t help but trust this was meant to be, there wasn’t a lot left to do but put one foot in front of the other and meet each obstacle with faith.

We are now proud owners of our dream home – a farm, sacred land, and retreat center in Medfield, Massachusetts.

What a life. So happy I could finally share this with you. I hope we can be together soon.



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  • Iracema Supreme says:

    As a black person, who is in the process of buying a house in Medfield, It was amazing to see the support and solidarity that the Medfield community showed for racial justice and equality. When I saw the name “Sarah Jenks” on an online article, I wanted to find this beautiful soul, and say Thank You for being part of the solution 🙂

    • sarahjenks says:

      Hi Iracema, thank you for reading and for your comment. I appreciate your words so much and am excited to hear you’re considering moving to Medfield! If you do decide to make the move, be sure to circle back and let me know. I’d love to meet you in person once we are able to have events again. Love, Sarah

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