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Boy oh boy has it been a few jam-packed weeks. I’ve been traveling all over the place and hosted 60 women in Sonoma last weekend for the Live Free Retreat with Nisha. It was certainly one of the highlights of my career. The women really played full out and made some amazing changes. Just this week we’ve received notes from women saying they’ve put their house up for sale, signed up for ballroom dancing lessons with their husbands, gave notice at their job, started a new business, are dating up a storm… the list goes on.

We laughed, we cried, we dreamed, we hot tubbed, we drank wine. It was perfect.

When I got home on Monday night I was feeling quite tired, as you can imagine, and was feeling a little off. When I checked in with myself, I realized that I felt so feminine over the weekend, and well… not so much… when I got home.

I realized that although I am certainly feeling “all woman” being pregnant, a certain sensual spark hasn’t been as strong as it could be with my changing body.

I knew that I could probably meditate on it and convince myself that there’s nothing more feminine than being pregnant. I could spiritually, emotionally, and mentally call on my inner vixen but…

I went underwear shopping instead.

This was my underwear drawer before… it’s a little embarrassing.


So I set off to Nordstrom to get my first (yes, I know) bra fitting.  When I walked into the lingerie department I couldn’t believe I had spent my whole life buying bras at the Gap.  I had the most delicious afternoon trying on pretty things and came home with a completely new undergarment wardrobe: 5 new bras,14 pairs of underwear, and 3 nightgowns.  Divine.

Here’s what I now get to discover when I get dressed every day.


In just the past two days, I have felt like a completely different woman.  I have my strut back, I look 10 pounds thinner (even though I am definitely not) and I am rocking my sweet baby bump like a set of double-D boobs.

You see when we treat our body like she’s the sexiest woman alive by dressing her in gorgeous undergarments every day, that are just for your enjoyment, our body starts to access that deep sensual, sexy, feminine spark that we all have, but have been ignoring for so long.

Taking a small, seemingly insignificant action like buying new underwear is like knocking on the door of our feminine and inviting her politely to come play.

Give it a shot, and let me know how you feel on the other side.



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