It’s Not a Coincidence! It’s a Message!


On the new moon the day after my birthday on September 30th I was poised for a breakthrough. I knew astrologically from working with Jenn Racioppi (you can read about how her work changed me here) that this was a big birthday and the new moon was going to reveal a lot to me.

I gathered with ten of my most magical friends from all over the country at Becca Piastrelli’s Mill Valley cottage. Becca saged each of us, we sang a song and went into a deep, twenty-minute meditation.

I was ready for a full movie of my new life to play in my mind’s eye.

But there was nothing.

I just felt bored, then anxious, then hot and uncomfortable.  What the f…

After we sat in silence together, a woman I’d never met started leading us in song (it was a little strange she was even there to be honest because everyone else was a close friend of mine, but Becca invited her so I figured she was cool).  The songs were steeped in ancient wisdom and reminded me that my body is a sacred instrument and how a simple group of women can create a symphony. I felt at home, held by these songs written generations ago. It was like something in me clicked, and I knew who I was more deeply than I had since I was a child. I remembered.

After our circle had completed I started talking to this mysterious song leader, Katina.

I asked her about where she had learned the songs and I told her how it reminded me so much of camp in Maine and how much I missed singing.

“Where did you grow up?” Katina asked.


“Awesome, I went to school in Massachusetts”

“Really, where?”


“No way! I went to Williams.” I responded excitedly.

(Williams and Amherst hold one of the oldest and most notable rivalries in the country – even though most people have never heard of them.)

We chatted some more and I told her about my imminent move to Massachusetts this summer.

“I’m actually going back this summer for my ten year reunion.”

“I am also going back for my ten-year!” I screamed, now paying close attention.

“I’m actually in charge of planning my reunion because I’m senior class president.” She told me.

“I was also senior class president.”

We are now both laughing, very present to this cosmic joke.

We exchange numbers and I give her my 917 area code.

She smirks, “did you live in New York?”

“Yeah, I moved there right after I graduated.”

“Me too.”

She then takes out her human design charting app and quickly pulls up my chart. Turns out hers and mine are eerily similar.

So I’m now I’m sitting here with this woman I just met coming to terms with how we’ve lived parallel lives for the past 14 years moving to Western Massachusetts September 2003, then to New York in June 2007 and then to San Francisco in July of 2011. Same months, same places for 14 years. Plus countless other obvious similarities and synchronicities. SO WEIRD RIGHT?!

I thanked the Goddess for this fanfare message and started gathering the threads: events, coincidences, dreams and desires woven into a message.

It’s been so wild. New beginnings are everywhere. Things are being stripped from my life or changed in ways where they are no longer recognizable. My work team is shifting, my home team is evolving and I am stepping into new work and a new way of being in the world. And I am trying just to let it all happen without losing my sh*t (that much).

Here’s what I’m hearing and feeling into…

The name of the game for me right now is radical realness. I’ve spent so much of my life trying to be palatable.  I kept trying to create a body, an image, an outfit, a voice so I could just be accepted.  

For so long fitting in was critical for our survival. But not anymore.

And I can’t speak for you, but I can no longer survive wearing a mask of perfection because the truth is that I am wild, scarred, gorgeous, fierce, fragile, feminine, fecund, ravenous and wise.  

The Earth is calling us back to our wildness. I am seeing it in businesses, in politics, on Instagam, at the grocery store, in my closet. We are being called back into circle. We are being asked to remember who the raw, real, wild, Whole Woman is inside of all of us.  Because it’s just too much work to fake it. 

Since our chance meeting 7 months ago, Katina has been a catalyst for huge change in my life.

Coincidences happen every day, but guess what?

It’s not a coincidence! It’s a message. It’s Magic.

Pay attention. And do what the magic says to do. In my case it was to spend as much time with this woman as possible and doing so has lead to me understand my next assignment.

Wishing you the vision to see the endless flow of magic that pours through your life.


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