From ‘Old Married Couple’ To ‘Making Out Like Teenagers’: A Quick Fix For A Flat Relationship


I spend a wonderful part of my business working with women who are engaged to be married, and interestingly enough most of the women I work with are not super happy in their relationships.  Being in a mediocre relationship can be a huge contributor to overeating because when something in your life is out of balance, your eating can get out of balance.

Most women believe that their relationship will magically improve when they lose weight so they put all of their energy towards dieting, but the reality is that if your relationship is just “ho-hum”, causing general apathy, distance and sometimes depression, you are never going to lose weight.   So it is incredibly important to make spicing up your relationship a PRIORITY to achieve successful, lasting weight loss.  To start things off with a bang this February, I am going to give you the scenario for a super steamy Valentine’s Day date, even if things usually feel flat.  The goal is to go from feeling like an old married couple, to like two teenagers, madly in love.

So here’s what you need to do…

If you live with your boyfriend or hubby, when you go on dates (if you go on dates at all) you probably get ready together then go out.  To spice things up, I want you to MEET your man at your destination, not go WITH him.

Get dressed when your man isn’t home, either before he gets home from work, or create sometime by suggesting he grab a drink with his buddies.   If he sees the process of going from “Everyday Jane” to “Lady of the Night” the transformation isn’t nearly as shocking. And honestly, him watching you put on your pantie hose is a total buzz kill.

Tell him you are going to meet him at the restaurant or bar, or whatever your destination.  Make sure he doesn’t see you all dolled-up before your date starts.  Show up to your destination a few minutes behind your man and before you walk into the room, think about your sexiest attribute, stand up straight and strut into the room like you’re the hottest thing since sliced bread.  Lock eyes with your man and calmly walk over, and give him the kind of kiss you gave him on your fifth date (comfortable but passionate-non of this grandma pecking crap).

I guarantee that your man is going to FLIP and more importantly YOU are going to feel a total rush of confidence, beauty and power.  Hone that power all night long and find other ways to get that same thrill in the weeks to come.

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