The Real Reason We’re Moving to Massachusetts (And Why You Should Move Too!)


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen that we’re in Massachusetts this week looking at houses and laying the foundation for our new lives. I wanted to share why we’re making this move this summer because it’s probably not what you think.

When we moved to San Francisco from New York City 6 years ago for Jonathan’s residency,  I always had a suspicion that we’d move back to the East Coast but we were open to loving life in California and settling there permanently. There are a lot of reasons to stay like Jonathan having great medical connections, our amazing community here of women and families who love and support us and a culture that has nourished and called forth my inner witch. It would be super easy to stay.

But something has always felt a bit off.

My body doesn’t feel good in California. I don’t feel connected to the land. I have trouble feeling grounded and truly at home. It’s like taking a grey wolf and putting her on Hawaii. She’ll probably do fine, but it’s not ideal.

I believe that just like animals, we all have ideal environments.

I think our ideal environment could be guided by one or all of the following…

  • Our ancestry
  • Where we were born or raised
  • Past life connections
  • Our Soul’s journey

Maybe you grew up in Ohio and live in Chicago (awesome city btw) but you feel so called to live in Paris.

Maybe you lived there in a past life and it’s your true home.

Maybe you live in New York City and dream of surfing every night and can’t stop researching surf camps when you should be working. Maybe your soul knows you’re meant to learn how to surf and live on the ocean to get all the lessons that come with that lifestyle.

Maybe you were born in the Dominican Republic and moved to Seattle for College and stayed because it’s where you got a job, but your sense of joy, adventure and sensuality totally died.  Maybe you need to find an environment that is closer to the one you grew up in so you feel alive again.

Maybe your parents moved to Texas for your Dad’s job when you were 10 and now you have kids and want to be near them, but every time it’s cold and rainy you feel your whole system relax.  Maybe your Irish roots have taken hold and you need to move to a place with four seasons and lots of rain.

For me, it’s a combination of all the above. When I’m in Temple with the Divine Feminine, I have remembrances of dancing in the woods inside a circle of oak trees in the middle of night. When I’m in New England my body grows roots and feels locked into the Earth. I feel ancient and timeless. Every sound, smell, and feeling are familiar. I feel called to do specific work with a specific community. When I just think of the first snowfall or warm summer nights on the porch, I get teary. When I’m here, I can feel the magic.

I feel at home in my body when I’m at home on the land. 

So… do you feel truly at home where you live?

What excuses are you making to not move where you belong?

What would it take for you to make a big move?

I know moving is a big deal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. In fact, I believe that we are defined by the big decisions we make in our life. Pushing ourselves way outside our comfort zone is what inspires the most growth.

It was a bit easier for us to make a timing decision because we knew Jonathan was finishing his residency this June, but we still had to go through all of the same steps anyone would have to in order to relocate. We started the process about a year and a half ago. We talked about all the places we could live. Argued about it. Faced our limiting beliefs. Questioned our motives (like are we just moving there because my parents are there? I was clear that if my parents lived in a place I didn’t like, I would for sure not move there to be close to them. But is having them there a HUGE bonus? Oh yeah.) We finally came to an agreement that Massachusetts was where we wanted to be. Jonathan started looking for jobs immediately (2 years before he could start, which is way ahead of time even for a doctor).

Jonathan did all the practical things he needed to do to find a job, and I did my magic on the side;).  The truth is that Urology jobs don’t come up that often bc it’s such a small field, but sure enough the first site that came up on Google had a picture of all the Urologists in the practice, and there was a physician he worked with for a month in medical school when he was on rotation in Seattle.  (Not) So random. He called her up. They were hiring. Jonathan loved the practice, it’s an all around perfect job for him. He knocked their socks off and he got the job 18 months before he could start. A great reminder that the Universe is always conspiring for your highest good.

There is no doubt in my mind that I was meant to be in San Francisco for this chapter in my life. It has cracked me open and taught me so much. And I am so excited to bring this new version of myself back to my old stomping ground.

And of course, connect with you if you’re nearby:).

Wishing you the courage to feel the roots of your true home.


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