Sacred Spa Ritual For The New Year


As we sit in this fertile time of introspection and intuition at the beginning of the year, I think it’s so important to not rush into doing. It’s still winter, a time of slowness and silence, but in this space we start to weave the tendrils of our dreams. My friend Kate Northrup calls it the Fertile Void, the time when we have the opportunity to connect with the dreams that have been placed in our souls for years or even lifetimes. In the silence we can make them into words and ideas, and in the spring we can bring them into reality.

This wintery time holds the same energy as the New Moon (the first glimpse of light after the dark moon, the most potent time for setting intentions), which some of us will be sitting under together next week. If you want to learn more about New Moons and why they are so powerful, click here. And I am so excited to have Jennifer Racioppi, my astrologer and dear friend, joining us to give us the rundown on 2018 so we can prepare and plan for a great year.

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As we come into the time of darkness with the Moon, may we also find stillness and yummy darkness in our lives.

My favorite tool for slowing down is taking a bath – but not just any bath – a Sacred Spa Ritual. This time is not just for relaxation (although it is very relaxing) but for connection with your inner wisdom.

A quick note on inner wisdom – I believe that a woman’s power comes from knowing who she is and why she’s here. I believe that to be intimate with our raw, wild, unfiltered selves is to source the fire that will fuel change on many levels, from our own life and family to the world. I’m here to help you find that fire.

But we need to start with s p a c e in order to connect with that raw part of ourselves.

Here are the steps to create your Sacred Spa time:

Step 1: Create the time and set a boundary. Maybe it’s as simple as putting it on your calendar. Maybe you need to get groceries delivered this week so you have time while the kids are at school. Maybe your husband needs to take the lead for an hour on Saturday afternoon. Make sure everyone knows why this time is important to you and put in on your calendar.

Step 2: Gather beauty from around your home. Grab a basket or bag and collect candles, plants, flowers, or any other beautiful objects you want to have.

Step 3: Declutter your bathroom (I just gather what I don’t want in there and put it right outside the door, no need to put things away) and place the objects you collected from around the house.

Step 4: Draw a bath (if you do not have a bath – you can totally have a sacred shower) and light candles. Add bath salts or essential oils if you have them. Light candles. Put on some nice music. (I love Ayla Nereo and MaMuse.)

Step 5: As you undress, imagine removing stressors from your day with your clothes.

Step 6: Standing naked beside your tub, set an intention to connect with your real, raw, naked self. The part of you that isn’t here to please anyone or take care of anyone. The part of you that’s always been with you.

Step 7: Get in the tub and close your eyes. Breathe deeply and just ask, “Who are you? Why are you here? What is this year about for you?” You may hear nothing at first; your inner wisdom, your fire, will be small if you haven’t tended to her, but over time it will grow. This is how you tend to it – sacred, quiet space.

In the comments on the blog I’d love to hear if you have a sacred spa time practice. I’d also love to know if you have any questions or hesitations. 🙂



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