Sample Invite to Send to Women You Want to Host at Your Home

Temple Info

Hi! I’d love to invite you to my home for a sacred gathering and ceremony on Monday, March 21st at (insert time based on your time zone). I’ve recently joined the Temple of Remembrance which is like a Sacred Feminine “Church”. Sarah Jenks holds a two-hour ceremony from her home Temple and livestreams it all over the world. It’s like Temple TV – really beautiful shot and you feel like you’re there. I’m really prioritizing my sacred practice these days, and I’d love to have you join me. We will gather beforehand at my house and share a meal and make offerings to the land, then we’ll gather in my living room (which I’m turning into a sacred temple!) and we’ll participate in Sarah’s ceremony together. You’re invited to bring all of your challenges and life’s big questions into Temple, and it’s amazing what sort of clarity and transformation you can experience in this sacred container. I really think you’ll love it, and I’d love to have you there with me. Let me know if you can come.

If you want to learn more about Sarah you can follow her on instagram @sarahjenks or go to xox



Hi loves! I’m so excited to have you to my home for the Temple of Remembrance. Here’s everything you need to know


Arrival Time:

Please bring: Water, Journal and a pen. If you can, please bring something for the altar – maybe a flower, crystal or a photo of an ancestor you want to honor. Please also bring a dish to share beforehand. I am also asking everyone to contribute $XX to share the cost of ceremony dues. You can Venmo me at XXXXX.

What to Wear: Wear something that makes you feel sacred, but also make sure you can sit comfortably on the floor. Wear a color that makes you feel ALIVE. Wear jewelry, put oils on your body, enjoy the process. Lean into your edge a bit.

If you feel nervous, or like you don’t know what you’re getting into, great! We all need to spend more time outside our comfort zones. I can’t wait to be with you.

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