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In this two-part article (Part 2 will be up next week), we’re going to change the way you think about your workouts and your sex life and reveal the many ways in which the two are intertwined. By the time we’re done with you, your appreciation for both should be at an all time high. And, we’re pretty confident you’ll be approaching your next sweat session, be it at the gym or in the bedroom, with greater gusto than ever before!


How Fitness Can Boost Your Sex Life


The Problem: I’m too stressed to have sex, plus I don’t have any time!

A lot of women have to-do lists a mile long, causing frequent (sometimes even chronic) stress. When stressed, our bodies release hormones meant to aide in our survival in a life-threatening situation. And while this response is adaptive in truly life-threatening situations, that fast-approaching deadline (no matter what your boss says) is far from life or death. Unfortunately, our bodies don’t know that and the surge in hormones can send our libidos plummeting.

The Sexy Solution: Fitness!

Exercise, which gets your blood flowing and your breath going, releases chemicals that counteract your stress response while also giving you a break from the daily grind. The result: you’ll not only set yourself up for a stronger sex-drive by reducing stress, but also you will begin a practice of making time for yourself.  Plus, working out and having sex is the best way to “re-fuel” so that you’ll have the energy to spend on your busy life.


The Problem: I don’t want to be seen without my clothes (especially not with the lights on!)

As women, we often forget that beautiful and sexy are multifaceted. There is no cookie cutter definition of either. So if you don’t think you’re beautiful, if you don’t feel sexy when you look in the mirror without clothes on, ask yourself, “Why?” Is it because you don’t look like the airbrushed celebrities in your favorite magazine or because Cosmo isn’t calling you to shoot this month’s cover? To that we say, “Who cares?!” Dig deep and choose what’s beautiful and sexy about you-rather than accept what pop culture and multimedia dictates it should be. Why is this so important? Because it gives you the power and it plants the seed for confidence.


How to boost your confidence!


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