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Happy “Back to School” Season! This is my favorite time of year. I love the leaves, the apple picking, the hot cider and the PLAID! Dear lord I can’t wear enough plaid.  

Although going back to school was always exciting for me, every summer I tried my hardest to lose weight before school. Every year was “the year” to show up thin and glowing with my hair blowing in the wind leaving a path of shocked drooling boys behind me.  Never happened.

So when it came time to sign up for nutrition school I thought, “this is my chance!” For a little bit, I thought about postponing enrolling until I got my body handled, I couldn’t imagine showing up 30 pounds overweight.  But something in me was just too excited to get started, so I signed up anyway.

I was not ready. I was not “thin enough”. I did not have all of my ducks in order.

And while most of my friends were losing weight during school, I gained 20 pounds while attempting to be a vegan for 6 weeks which was immediately followed by a 6 week binge. Lovely.

My friends were signing tons of one-on-one clients while in school.  I graduated without signing a single person.  Needless to say, what was happening on the outside didn’t look so hot, but what was happening on the inside was a different story.

Showing up before I was ready sent my soul a message that I could figure anything out.  Learning about the ins and outs of food allowed me to fall in love with something I had spent my whole life thinking was the enemy. Hearing the stories of successful students and alums, inspired me to start my own business and really create my dream life – now.

That’s when I really learned that…

You have to stop waiting on the weight.

Only then will your life finally feel exhilarating, inspiring and FUN.  And when life is so full, you no longer need to fill yourself up with food.

Going to IIN before I was ready, set my life on a path I never thought was possible for me. I am so grateful that I took the leap when I did.

On Wednesday, September 17th at 7pm ET/4pm PT, I’m hosting a “Back to School Night with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition” to discuss dreaming, goal setting, “solopreneurship”, the health world and how to make sh*t happen.  Even if you don’t feel ready to make a change, I want you to be on that call.  What have you got to lose? Everyone on the call will receive an extra special surprise, so you won’t want to miss this.

All the details for the call, and to sign up can be found here.

Can’t wait to talk to you next week!



PS. The Live More Weigh Less Challenge kicks off next Monday!  Have you signed up yet?

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